Preventing Bedbugs from Invading Your Home and Mental Peace

These tiny wingless insects need human blood to survive. Earlier, they used to thrive in bird nests and bats’ roosts. But with time, they have acclimatized to a human environment.

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The newly born bed bugs can be the size of a poppy seed. You call these tiny insects nymphs or hatchlings. However, adults can be bigger, measuring about 0.25 inches. They would have oval and flat shapes when not sucking blood. However, when they do, they grow longer. You can see adults, nymphs, and eggs with your eyes. Do you wonder why everyone calls them bedbugs?

Well, since beds tend to be their favorite habitat in homes, they earned this epithet. Other spots to discover them include clothing, mattresses, sofas, clothes, etc. Plus, they enjoy dark areas. The bodies of these bedbugs can be white, deep brown, burnt orange, and light tan. They usually develop dark red or black patches in the body after feeding. No matter what they look like, these are a massive problem for any dwelling. That’s why you need to prevent them. Here are a few ways to deal with this.

Identify the insect 

You can take preventive measures only when you know your target. Since ticks, fleas, and other insects can look like them, you need to make sure you are not mistaking any other thing for them. If confirmed, you must not panic. Your first instinct would be to discard all the items where you find an infestation. However, it would help if you controlled yourself. These hitchhikers can cling to boxes, clothing, furniture, luggage, and other materials to travel to a new place.

Explore treatment options

Another immediate thing you may want to do is spray repellant killer on them. But you cannot afford to do this as survivors can move to darker and deeper corners. However, if you think you are struggling with bugs and need a reliable pest control service in Myrtle Beach, it can be the right path to find relief from them for a long time. But once they clean your house of these pesky insects, you would want to keep every nook and corner clutter-free.

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A home with clutters gives them easy passage. They can quickly sneak into a crevice and become difficult to remove. Another thing you can do is buy bed bug covers for your mattress. You can look for something that comes with a lifespan of at least a year. Also, it would be best if you tried to keep everything clean – blankets, bedsheets, bedspreads, and more.

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Bedbugs usually bite you when you sleep. Some people may not feel the bite and develop any symptoms as they suck blood without causing any pain. But others can have a different experience. When they feed on you, they leave saliva in your skin. If they continue to bite you for many weeks, you can become susceptible to their saliva and chemical, typically manifesting as an allergic reaction. You can suffer from nausea too. So these pests are not good for the hygienic surroundings. You need to safely get them out of your house with professional help and discourage them from infesting any other home.


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