Preventive Plumbing Maintenance Tips Every Commercial Owner Must Focus On

Do you own a commercial space? You are bound to run into plumbing issues at least once in 6 months. Many business owners don’t wish to maintain their pipes, toilets, and sinks until somehow it breaks down. To keep your business functional and well maintained, it’s imperative to emphasize strongly on commercial plumbing and follow all the necessary steps to prevent yourself from further plumbing issues in the future.

Use few of these following tips to be one step ahead and rectify basic plumbing problems.

Attend Even the Smallest Issue

A minor leak may seem negligible; however, over the time it adds up and can clearly be seen through your costly water bills. Pay attention to these minor issues and ensure urgent solution before it grows ugly and costs too much on your pockets.

Leaks Are Bad

Dripping water from faucet and shower heads are very annoying, moreover, they are alarming indication to your plumbing issues. The longer you wait and not let them be checked, the more it gets worse leaving you in a serious trouble. Do not entertain even few droplets of water falling from the shower and faucet, fix them up carefully!

Stop the Frozen Pipe Issues

Winter can be pretty harsh for Auckland citizen! The commercial as well as residential people can relate to the frozen pipe issues during winter. One of the relatable plumbing tips during the winter season has to do with taking appropriate preventative measures for frozen pipes. Plumbing insulation is an effective approach to use around your pipes that will save you from dealing with severe issues later. Calling a professional plumber Auckland for insulating your pipes seems to be a great idea for winter.

Be Watchful of Clogged Drains

At first, they might seem to be a very normal problem, found in almost every house. With time, the overflowing situation can be sticky, ugly and a sure thing you want to avoid. Prevent clogged drains by creating awareness among people in your commercial space to stop discarding grease, food, leftovers, paper, or any other solid material items down the drain. If you follow it rigorously you will see no issues of blocked drains.

Flush What Is Flush Worthy

The only thing that you must flush down your toilet is toilet papers and human waste, other than that; nothing seems to be a good idea! Especially when you run a company, you have to be more careful because there are many people who have access to the bathroom. Educating your staff about the issue of clogging in the toilet by putting a sign at the door seems good. Also, inform them that no other material should be flushed in the toilet. The last thing you or your employees want is a nasty and overflowing toilet, so remind them about water usage as well as safe flushing. According to, property owners should be more careful about hiring plumbers because you don’t want anyone to get infected by Covid 19 virus.

Replace with Upgraded Pipes

Old and used pipes are potentially exposed to the risk of getting crack, breaking, and severe leaks. With upgraded pipes you will save yourself from a lot of complications. Your building will be safer, far better plumbing wise, as well as less prone to plumbing problems. The investments you are going to make now will be beneficial for the years ahead.


With the help of a professional plumber, you can expect yourself to be in a safe position. A plumber can examine your problems thoroughly, find the early faults and fix them before they get out of control.


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