Properly Maintaining the Bathroom

If you own a home, then you probably understand that the bathroom has the almost mystical ability to get dirty out of nowhere. You clean it one day and before you know it, the sink is full of crud, the toilet is in bad shape, and the shower and tub are coated with soap scum. It’s an uphill battle I know, but with the proper strategy and the right tools, the battle for the bathroom isn’t a hopeless one.


With many incredible commercial cleaning products on the market, cleaning your bathroom has never been easier. If you keep up with proper maintenance and cleaning of your bathroom, the task of cleaning becomes much less painful for you. Read on for some tips and product recommendations for keeping your walls, floor, shower, and toilet sparkly clean.

Prepare the Bathroom for Cleaning


Before you start a deep clean of your bathroom, remove all unnecessary items that don’t belong, or will get in your way. Take everything out such as clothing that has accumulated on the floor, any old coffee mugs, and empty the trash can. I have a bad habit of leaving my toothbrush and face soap next to the sink, put everything back and its designated space.

Add Disinfectants and Cleaners to the Toilet


This is a great tip that will save you a lot of time while cleaning your bathroom up. Since disinfectant in toilet bowl cleaners generally take a while to deeply clean your toilet, it’s a good idea to put some in at the beginning of cleaning and leave it in there until the end. I’ve had bad luck with products such as The Works and Clorox, I’ve been using Nellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner lately and I’ve had a lot more luck than I usually would. Give the toilet bowl cleaner an hour or two to sit before you use your brush scrub it out.

Dust and Wipe Down and Scrub Dirty Areas


When cleaning any type of area, it’s a good idea to get in the habit starting high and working your way down. Clean up old cobwebs in the corners, brush any other dirt on any surface straight onto the floor, and scrub down the walls with some sort of multipurpose cleaner. I personally have been using Nellie’s All Purpose Cleaner to handle all of my cleaning needs. I love the lemon grass scent which is free and clear of harmful chemicals, dyes, and unnatural scents. Making it very safe to use in your home.


Spray a generous amount of cleaning products on dirty, heavy traffic areas, such as sink and countertops, the tub, toilet seat, in the shower walls. Depending on the extent of your bathroom, you can wipe everything down with a paper towel, sponge, of a scrub pad. It all just depends on your situation. Take extra care when scrubbing the faucets, shower head, and tub spout to prevent any corrosion or hard water build up.

Give the Bathroom a Good Once Over and Turn on the Fan.


At this stage you’re almost done, all you need to do now is sweep the floor, sweeping up all dust and debris that has accumulated well cleaning other features of the bathroom. Spray down everything one more time and wipe it down just to make sure it’s cleaned up all the debris. Turn on the fan to remove any harmful fumes from cleaning products and   up dust that has been kicked up from the cleaning. Spray some scented, disinfecting bathroom spray to clean up the air and you’re all set!!!


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