Pros & Cons of Using Rolawn Turf for Your Garden 

When you are looking to lay a garden from scratch there are three options: grow it from seed, lay artificial grass, or go for turf – which means you get real living grass from day one. There’s no one right or wrong solution, but real turf is incredibly popular simply because it is both an incredibly easy option and it gives you an instant lawn which looks great.

Types of natural turf

You may be surprised to learn there are several, although most are specialty types, designed to be, say, hard wearing for sports pitches, fine for golf and bowling greens, or wildflower, which delivers what the name suggests and is lovely as a border. The majority of ordinary householders choose a top quality all-around product such as rolawn turf.

Turf may seem like a miracle solution to a garden area that desperately needs a makeover, but there are both pros and cons to laying turf which it pays to be aware of before you go ahead.

The pros & cons of using Rolawn Turf for your garden

The Pros

·         It’s excellent quality.

·         Your Rolawn turf will last for a long time.

·         You can be assured that the seed quality is top notch.

·         The seed on your turf has been distributed evenly so there will be no bald patches.

·         There’s no need to spend half the day on bird patrol like you have to do with a newly seeded lawn.

·         You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with your impeccable grass lawn.

·         Rolawn turf is treated with their Profresh® system (created by Rolawn). This patented, and unique system means your turf is delivered just as fresh as the moment it was harvested.

·         There’s no risk involved when you order Rolawn turf, as every single order delivers the same top quality turf grown from specially selected seeds proven to grow into a hard wearing, disease resisting grass with consistent color.

·         You are buying from a business with over forty years of experience behind them.

·         The soil turf grows in is crucial to the end result, and Rolawn’s turf soil is nutrient-rich, with great drainage and all the turf needs to put down roots really quickly.  

·         Unlike some turfs Rolawn’s isn’t rushed along. Instead, it is nurtured, receiving round the clock care, and not even considered for cutting until it is absolutely ready. No wonder it’s the healthiest turf around.

The Cons

·         You do have to wait for 3 – 6 weeks to use the lawn freely (but it’s still a lot sooner than you would wait for seed grass to be ready).

·         Turf does need to be laid the day it is delivered to avoid it becoming less than perfect.

·         It takes one or more people with plenty of energy to lay it.

·         It is best to have your turf delivered unless you mind your car getting dirty.

If you are looking for turf that will never fail to deliver exactly what you want then the advantages to buying from Rolawn say it all.


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