Protecting Your Furniture From Your Pet Pomskies

Pomskies are fun, lively creatures. In case you don’t know what a Pomsky is, the breed is a hybrid between a Husky and a Pomeranian. Pomskies are wonderful pets to have around in your home and are definitely a must-have if you are a dog-lover. In fact, the smallest variety of this dog – The Teacup Pomsky – is a must-have recommendation by many dog lovers in the U.S.

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However, Pomskies can also pose quite a problem for the furniture in your home. Being lively can become a disadvantage if you have some expensive furniture at home. Keeping in mind this problem, here are some tips you can use to protect your furniture from your friendly pets:

Cover your furniture and make them Pomsky proof

One of the best ways to protect your furniture is by covering them from the tiny paws of your Pomsky. Covering can be done by putting on blankets or flip-covers. Most Pomskies have a favorite position where they lie so find that spot and cover it and make them wear and tear-proof. In this way even if they chew and try to tear it down, you can simply wash it off and vaccum it.

Pomskies must not be allowed to chew on bare wood

Pomskies can damage their own teeth while also destroying furniture if the wood on the furniture catches their eyes. If you cannot change your furniture then there are products available in the market to keep your furniture safe. For instance, repellants can help you do this by applying them to the furniture and keeping them safe. It is also important that you train your Pomsky to behave at times. Pet manners are important so that the Pomsky isn’t affected and is safe. If your wood is already damaged a little you can fix them if it’s not severe.

Pomsky- friendly materials for furniture

The best materials are skin and fabric. Skin is easy to clean and also nice for the Pomsky. Though the care for the skin is high as we know that it can be torn easily so if you are letting your Pomsky on the furniture then see to it that their nails are trimmed and nice in order to protect your furniture. Fabric is one of the best materials as it does not affect the furniture. The one with the micro-fiber doesn’t hold odors like the others and also have good wear and tear resistance.

Grooming your Pomsky on a regular basis

By grooming them, Pomskies shed a lot less fur. Bathing your Pomsky and also brushing them can keep your Pomsky healthy and clean. And also vacuum your furniture once a week to keep your furniture safe and sound. If you have kids then shedding can create problems for them as well, so in order to avoid all these keep the food of your kids and Pomsky in a distance so that the kids don’t intake it and get ill because of it.

Coloring your furniture

In order to keep your furniture and your loved ones safe coloring your furniture in a different color of your Pomsky can help you identify the sheds and help you clean them and also identify the amount of shedding this can be a useful way. This will also give your furniture an awesome look and keep your Pomsky safe. If you have a white Pomsky by coloring your furniture with black you can identify the sheds and remove them easily.

Clean up the paws

When your Pomsky returns from a muddy place or any other place where his paws are dirty always keep some towels at your entry so that you can clean them and avoid dirt or other diseases enter our house. If you have a separate mudroom, then you can utilize it to clean the mess and always have them under check. And the best way to keep your home safe is to have the same entry and exit for your Pomsky. Pomskies are playful and mischievous in order to take care of them have a regular check on their paws so that they aren’t affected by the dirt. And always have some towels and leashes to keep them and your loved ones hygienic.

Get a Pomsky bed

If you get a bed for your Pomsky which your Pomsky also loves, it will avoid coming to the couch which will keep your Pomsky safe. Mostly Pomskies don’t get attached to the beds as soon as you think it will take time for it. In order to speed up the process keep the bed near your couch so that they don’t feel left out. Pomskies are sensitive and always need attention. If you keep them away from your couch it will make them feel left out to avoid that it must be kept in a place where they feel they are always with you. Get them a bed of their like and see to it that they love the material of it.

Close the room doors

If you don’t want to have your Pomsky ruining the place where you haven’t taken any precautions, then keep that place door closed so that they don’t enter into it. Also if there are certain rooms where you don’t want your Pomsky to enter and have your space then the best idea is to keep the doors closed.

Prefer a removable seat couch

If you are planning to get a new sofa then get a one with removable seats so that whenever your seats get dirty you can always clean them up and have the odors removed. This can help you in saving time and can also help you save money so that if one of the seats is destroyed you can replace it by getting another. Or by covering them with the covers.

Cleaning up fur

By having rollers or packing tape you can clean the fur of your Pomsky. This can help you save more time. As fur can’t be just let off and your Pomsky no matter how much you groom them there will always be shedding in order to avoid them you have to keep them under care. By using lint rollers the fur can get attracted and also be cleaned at the same time.

Those were some of the valuable tips you can implement today to protect your furniture from your friendly pals. Pomskies are really loving creatures, and they mean no harm. It’s just that sometimes they get excited and let out their excitement on furniture.

I hope this article helps, and remember, you can get your own Teacup Pomsky here!  


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