Why Your Home Needs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Some people are lucky as they live in areas where they do not use air conditioning at all.

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This is not always the case to those areas that experience extreme weather conditions during winter and summer. They will need air conditioners in their homes and offices and there are many different types to choose from.

Reverse cycle air conditioning is an excellent choice as it has both cooling and heating functions. This allows you to achieve the perfect temperature at any time of year, during any weather condition.

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Features of Reverse Air Conditioning

One thing you will appreciate about this air conditioner is that it gives you total control. You will be able to efficiently cool or warm your house whenever needed.

  • Auto: This is a feature that allows the air conditioner to adjust itself automatically to achieve your preferred temperature.
  • Fan only: This feature allows you to enjoy a cooling breeze. This is when you do not need cooling, heating, or drying.
  • Thermostat: With this feature, you set the temperature according to your preferences. The air conditioner output is adjusted and this is according to the indoor temperature measured by the thermostat.
  • Cool: With the cool feature, this is when you want to activate the cooling function of your air conditioner. It works by converting hot air into cool air through the internals of the air conditioning system.
  • Fan Speed: This sets the strength of the fan which pushes air from the air conditioner into the room to be climate controlled.
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Advantages of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

There are many reasons you should install a reverse cycle aircon. From being usable in summer and winter to being efficient, you have many reasons to invest in one.

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  • They are Adaptable

One advantage of reverse cycle air conditioning is that they easily adapt to the temperature. This is made possible by the advanced inverter technology, as it gently adjusts power to achieve the desired temperature. If you are looking for a flexible way to cool and heat your home, this is an ideal option. 

  • They are Environmental Friendly

Standard electric heaters produce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions compared to reverse cycle air conditioning. This makes them good for the environment. It is estimated that it produces 1/3 of the GHGs of other models.

  • Excellent in Purifying the Air

Depending on the system that you have, it will be easy to purify the air inside the house. 

This works well with those that have asthma and hay fever. All you need is to get a system that has an in-built air purifying filter. The filter traps airborne particles and prevents them from circulating.

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When renovating your home you may be considering adding a new air conditioning system. There are many models and types to choose from including portable, window mounted, wall mounted and ducted.

Whichever type you choose, make sure it is a reverse cycle inverter type for the most long term benefit.


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