Pteleobius lamp by Maxim Vaslyaev, natural design forms

Design inspired by nature is a real connection between what exists in reality and constantly perfecting models used in interior design and decorating ideas trend.A masterpiece comes from Russian designer Maxim Vaslyaev Pteleobius has created the Lamp which describes Web site as follows:

Pteleobius is a genus of beetles of bark beetle family. They tuck into the weakened and felled trees bark when gnawing mother galleries for laying their larvae. Such curlicues of those galleries interweave creating the unique, inimitable patterns. The patterns called into being by the sheer nature.

Such the “engraved” by insects tree – elm was used as a pattern for Pteleobius Lamp. An easy touch by finger is enough to perceive a structure of curlicues made without human hands. We used special auctorial technology and succeeded to make the patterns on the surface of wood embossed, more distinguishable by human eyes. The luminescent lamp contained into the chrome-plated pipe is used as a light-emissive device. The light falls on the Lamp basis through a thin longitudinal section in the pipe shining the patterns and creating pleasant twilight indoors. Despite the visible integrity and “indecomposability” of the lighting fixture its lamp may be replaced as the need arises with little effort. It is worth to pay attention to the fact that this lightning fixture has two sides since its basis is asymmetric – today you have one lightning fixture, make a turn – and you enjoy the new luminaire.

Material: wood, steel. Dimensions length/width/height: 82/6/32 cm

Photo Source:design-milk, article content source:vantaka


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