Purpose of Using Flow Control Valve in Irrigation System

Modern irrigation systems are designed for saving water and energy. By incorporating the proportional valve for water and the latest technology they are aimed to reduce the waste of water so that it can be saved for the future, and the next generation does not have to face a water shortage. Lawns and gardens are the areas where a huge amount of water goes to waste on a daily basis. But it can be easily controlled by installing a modern irrigation system. 

Below we have provided the purpose of using a flow valve in an Irrigation System:

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Protects the Pump and the Irrigation System:

The use of a flow control valve in the irrigation systems helps to protect the pump and the whole irrigation system by reducing the flow rate and keeping the pressure of the water at an allowable limit. Reducing the flow rate of the water saves the pump from being overloaded and reduces the risk of cavitation. Keeping the flow rate low, a proportional valve for water enables the irrigation system to work with full efficiency.

Without a proportional water valve, an irrigation system can malfunction and this malfunctioning is commonly seen in many lawns and gardens in the shape of uneven distribution of the water. It happens when the water flows at a high flow rate and its pressure is also high. In this case, it becomes difficult for the sprinklers of the system to operate accurately and they start malfunctioning and fail to handle the water. 

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Helps to run the Irrigation System Efficiently:

A proportional control valve in an irrigation system helps to reduce the flow rate of the incoming water and maintains a steady flow for improving the performance of the system. Regulating the water on the accurate flow rate and pressure, the valve helps the system to perform well and saves it from bearing high pressure. An irrigation system running under control conditions by using a proportional valve for water provides the user with excellent performance.

Reduce the Water Waste:

The presence of a control valve in an irrigation system helps to cut down the waste of water by limiting the consumption of water. It removes the fluctuations and maintains a steady flow of water according to the need of the system. So that the system can use the correct amount of water for watering the whole piece of land. In this way, a digital flow control valve prevents the system from consuming an excess amount of water. When the accurate amount of water is used for watering a specific piece of land then it contributes to reducing the consumption of water. That’s why, a proportional valve controller should be used in the irrigation system. 

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Final Words:

One of the most crucial components of the irrigation system is a proportional valve for water as it keeps the flow rate of the water equal to the need of the system and also provides an element of safety to the system. 


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