Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Strata Management Services

You would love to see your strata scheme thrive, either as a place of business or living.

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Additionally, have your property turn a profit, not worry about what to pay or when, and not forget to have peace of mind. Owning property doesn’t have to be a hair-tearing affair.

As a result, be particular in the choice of your strata services Sydney. Strata managers Sydney CBD are a dime, and choosing the right one requires you to be careful in the hiring process.

The following questions are the key to getting the ideal strata services provider in Sydney.

  1. Are you licensed, and do you belong to any professional bodies?
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Your property manager is not authorised to provide strata services in Sydney if they are not licensed. This may seem basic, but it is something you want to double-check.

It shows professionalism if your prospective strata manager has membership in a professional body. These bodies have standards members must adhere to. Besides, they offer training services that keep the managers on top of their game.

  1. How much experience do you have, especially in the Sydney area?

You should consider the number of schemes like yours that they have managed and how long they have managed them. This will give you insight into whether they are qualified to cater to the peculiar needs of your scheme. 

The length of time they have managed those properties speaks to their experience and customer satisfaction.

  1. What policy on communication?

Strata managers in the Sydney CBD area deal with a lot of clients. Unless they have a good communication policy and strategy in place, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

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Find out what premium they place on communication. Most of the work they will do for you as a strata manager is administrative; in this, communication is essential. 

Strata management is the management not just of property but of human interests that are sometimes competing. This is a minefield of disputes, many of which can be defused by communication. You need a manager who is prompt in receiving and responding to your concerns.

  1. What are your ambitions?

Your strata services provider should be able to do more than the maintenance. Find out what improvement he has made to the strata schemes he has managed. If these strata schemes are similar to your own, it will give you an idea of what he expects to do for your property.

Your strata scheme needs a proactive manager with an innovative approach, especially in a world that keeps throwing up new challenges. A manager that goes beyond the ordinary will ensure a thriving scheme.

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  1. What accountability mechanisms do you have in place?

Accountability is essential in the relationship between the strata manager and the clients. Make sure your prospective strata management services provider has well-laid down accountability mechanisms in place. 

There has to be a system of keeping track of monies received and dispensed and resolving disputes on that front. There has to be a way too of keeping track of agreed-upon goals and of resolving disputes.


To conclude, you have to hire the best strata manager Sydney CBD area if you wish to be the owner of a thriving strata scheme and a great place to work, live, and do business. 


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