Reasons Behind Retaining Wall Construction

Making retaining wall part of outdoors sometimes becomes inevitable. Leaving the way how they seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings and the might with which they tolerate all weather conditions, retaining wall construction becomes necessary in the situation when homes are built on slopes. As their name suggest, these walls are meant for retaining. They retain the lateral pressure of soil. They are a frequent sight on shore lines of creeks and on hilly slopes. As a landscape feature, retaining walls have all those qualities that are needed to take curb appeal of homes many notches up. A major chunk of homeowners refuse to be any less fond of such kind of walls.

Reasons Behind Retaining Wall Construction

Perth limestone walls are regarded as a landscape accent which helps stabilizing structures by stopping erosion and the downward movement of the soil on a sloping ground. Hence, these walls are stronger and more attractive both at the same time. These walls can be adorned and complemented with decorative features which further bring character to a home or garden. In fact, there are loads of reasons why one should consider retaining wall construction, which are:

  1. Holding back soil: The basic reason why a household would consider having a retaining wall in the landscape is that these walls are strong enough to hold back soil and prevent it from cascading on the hilly areas or sloping regions. The four common types of retaining walls are gravity, sheet piling, cantilevered and anchored retaining walls. All these types have one basic and common function to attend to, which is resist the lateral pressure exerted by the soil or water. These walls function better in case of hydrostatic pressure if an efficient drainage system is installed behind the wall. If it is intended for holding back water, then there is no need for any kind of adjunct to the walls.

The thing is that gravity retaining walls make use of their own weight to hold back earth in its position and lessen the hydrostatic pressure. Such wall types are made of concrete, stone and other materials that add to sturdiness. The cantilevered type is made of a thin steel-reinforced stem and a base consisting of heel and toe. The amount of concrete used in the construction of such retaining walls is much less. About the sheet piling types, they are a product of vinyl, steel and even wood planks. They are useful in tight spaces and soft soil condition. And the anchored versions are flexible and can take the form of any of the other three, except that they are reinforced by cables and other materials, which justify their name.

  1. Create more usable space: By having retaining walls bordering your abode or defining a particular space in the yard, you look forward to creating a more usable space. May be you have had retaining walls because of their basic function, but you end up adding value to your home by addressing your landscaping needs. You can define a partition of a space in your outdoors with the aid of these walls and plan to use various parts of your exteriors distinctly. You can elaborate a specific space for children’s play, patio, etc., etc. In addition, with retaining walls surrounding your home, there would be no need for fencing as well. These walls take care of your safety and privacy in the way it should. You have these walls built in different styles and colours with different materials like metal so as to make them function the way you want.
  1. Value for money: These walls are a better and cost-effective substitute to fences as they are made of limestone, so last longer than any fence type. They are a valuable investment that any homeowner should look forward to. In hilly areas, they not only protect the premises from any undesirable action caused by soil erosion, water pressure, etc. but also improve the appearance of the property in question. Hence, they are worthwhile from both decorative as well as practical purposes.

Good fences make good neighbours; the same can be applied to retaining walls. There are various reasons that make these walls so wished for. And it is a truth universally acknowledged that finely built retaining walls are attributed to the skills and experience of the constructor. Hence, it becomes really necessary to avail of as competent construction company as Swan Limestone in Perth.


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