Recently renovated interior design property dating from 1884

The  recently renovated interior design property  located in an attractive Floragatan aria next to the Humlegården, is  a  beautiful building  from 1884 who has an amazing, elegant and romantic interior design.  Although it is a property dating from 1884, the designers managed to highlight architectural elements typical of the time, perfectly combining with new innovations in furniture and decorative style without being overshadowed the old architecture.  The designers preserved some impotant elements of architectural design like the open fireplace, beautiful hardwood floors, the two bedrooms and generous living room with sliding doors in the file.  Why this property is so special? One,  becouse it has a great architecture secondly it has a wonderful and representative entrance with private garden surrounded by wrought iron fences, but most of all it has an wanderful interior design with large, bright living room in the file library also it has a TV room,  fireplace, a master bedroom with closet adjacent bathroom, a slightly smaller bedroom facing the courtyard, a very nice kitchen with good dining.  See also the relavire article : Renovated maisonette loft by SPG architects















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