Refresh your house for Easter. Easter Colors Trends 2022

Such a holiday as Easter is celebrated by many people worldwide as one of the unique family celebrations.

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There are numerous traditions connected with this day. One of them is creating a festive atmosphere in the house, setting tables, and inviting guests. In this article, let’s mostly talk about decorating the home for Easter. We are pretty sure that you will like our ideas.

For most people, the leading association of Easter is spring with all its colors and freshness. In addition, traditional decor elements such as Easter rabbits, lambs, Easter cakes, Easter eggs, and flower arrangements enhance the feeling of anticipation of the holiday and the holiday itself. And, of course, there are specific neutral colors associated with spring.

There is a vast number of options for Easter decor for home and garden, with the help of which it’s easy to create a festive mood. Of course, the shops can offer you all kinds of Easter decorations, but if you want something more radical, pay attention to textile changes.

Have you already thought about what your holiday furniture will look like? Not? Then we have some exciting ideas for you on how to create a solemn and festive mood in the house.

Shades of Green

Easter decor abounds in green, as spring is full of pale green gardens in unison. Of course, you might say that this trend is not so new. After all, year after year, green enters the house with spring flowers. However, this season, the shades of green have become much more diverse: from the mysterious emerald, delicate pistachio, and menthol to rich spruce green design.

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Too much green? Then dilute it with white strokes. The noble combination of white and green can be seen in abundance in spring: this is a combination of greenery and flowers, which speaks of the revival and revival of nature. I think you will like the following idea: a white and green Shabby Chic composition, which translates as “shabby chic.” Perfect green for your furniture you may find in the velvet collection.

As the name implies, in this case, we are talking about Easter decor that bears the imprint of time – scuffs, chips, cracks. So take an old, unnecessary box and fill it with spring design treasures: moss, herbs, eggshells, and spring bulb flowers.

Soft Red

The red color symbolizes the blood of Christ, fire, martyrdom, and sacrifice. It is most commonly used during Pentecost, the Day of the Holy Trinity, which falls on the 50th day after Easter and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit.

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Most people traditionally dye Easter eggs red. Perhaps such a bright color may seem sharp and contrasting against the background of soft spring shades. Still, decorative dishes or a wreath on the front door with red flowers will be appropriate and solemn elements in a festive setting.

Shades of red are well suited for the kitchen’s interior in the best Easter traditions. In combination with warm colors (creamy brown and yellow), red warms the room, improves mood, and promotes a good appetite. Significant variants to change the design of your house are available with slipcovers.

The red color in interior vintage design always looks spectacular. The main thing is to balance it with other shades and colors so that the interior is not aggressive and intrusive. Here you can find many solutions for festive decor in warm colors.

Vintage Blue

In the context of Easter traditions, blue represents the sky. And, of course, the vintage blue colors will fit perfectly into the framework of Easter celebrations.

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Blue shades are great for houses and apartments. Despite the “coolness” of the tone, it looks exciting on walls, furniture, and decor items. The blue color in the interior should be used, considering the rest of the finish, because it is not combined with all tones of a color palette. You may find significant variants to renew your furniture with modern velvet covers.

Neutral White

If you think about updating the room’s design for Easter, you can’t do without white. It can be used as the center of attention, or it can be used to set off the main, brighter colors.

White symbolizes purity, innocence, joy, love, and holiness. It is he who represents the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A snow-white tablecloth or cover for pillows, the icing on an Easter cake, and lilies in a vase will bring a unique atmosphere to this day and emphasize the holiday’s significance.

Cheerful Yellow

Did you know that yellow is one of the best colors to make your home colorful or give it a fresh look? But it is essential to combine yellow with other colors correctly.

Since the yellow aesthetic is associated with bright sunshine, we automatically plunge into a joyful summer atmosphere, which evokes pleasant emotions and good memories. So add some yellow spots to your house or even your working zone. For example, you may change your office chair.

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Yellow is best for dark or cold rooms. For Easter, this color helps create a beautiful and stylish decor, breathing in a lot of account and freshness into the room. Our catalog contains many solutions for designing in bright sunny colors.

So let’s sum up! Don’t be afraid to add colors to your Easter celebration, and choose cheerful, bright colors: blue, red, orange, yellow, and green. You can try to decorate the interior in a single color scheme or use a combination of two colors. However, to make everything look modern, it is worth using matte, light, and bright shades for decoration: blue, lemon, light green, and red, as well as natural materials and objects made from them.


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