Reinventing the Idea of a Bookcase – Original Multifunctional Furniture Piece

Although nowadays we tend to read increasingly often our favourite novels on e-books, there are still many people that enjoy the pleasure of reading printed books as before and what better place to keep them than in a bookcase? When looking to buy a furniture piece to store our book collection and also to compliment our interior designs, most of us purchase invariably items where books are placed vertically. But how about a change regarding your next bookcase, something unexpected and unique in the same time? Raw Edges come up with an original idea of a bookcase that turns to be an amazing multifunctional object, which certainly you will find very interesting.


Designed for Italian furniture brand Lema, Booken, as it’s called, is a light wooden structure that stores books in a totally different manner then we’re used to: vertically. It’s an attractive display for books with books, serving simultaneously as a bookcase, side table and shelf. Starting from the ideas that  people don’t usually read again the novels they have already on their shelves, Raw Edges give the books a new function in his project: to be a support surface for others books or for any other piece of décor you may want to put on. Therefore, each book you’ll hang becomes part of the structural form, but always having the possibility to take out any of them to read it. Very unusual bookcase concept, but smart, very practical and a great space-saving solution for small interiors. Spotted on



Photos © Raw Edges


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