Have Your Own Personal Retreat: HUSH Pod by Freyja Sewell

Eager to find new solutions to new problems that our society face with nowadays, young British designer Freyja Sewell bring to us sustainable products which are innovative approaches to objects that surround us everyday. Driven by the idea that people seek alternatives to owning their own home or private space in an world where cities are increasingly densely populated environments and the houses are divided for the same reasons of space, she designed a personal retreat HUSH -a brilliant armchair shelther which seems like a nest from where you can regain your sense of self after the daily life stress. Hand-sewn entirely from biodegradable local grey felt, with cushions stuffed with recycled wool fibers, HUSH is a perfectly functional chair which can be your own personal cozy retreat, a quiet, dark, soft, and natural place that can be set up practically anywhere.

The entire chair was cut under running water from a strip of felt that measures 175 x 400 x 1.2 cm. Whether you want to have an eclosed space or a traditional open seating, HUSH is, undoubtedly, a great concept with a clear message to the polluted and populated world we live in. Freyja Sewell’s work on HUSH is supported by the Campaign for Wool and was recently selected for Grand Designs Live as one of Kevin McClouds ‘Green Heros’. She’s working on getting it ready for industrial manufacture, being expected to enter production at Fatboy.





Photos: © Freyja Sewell.

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