Husk Outdoor Armchair by Patricia Urquiola, an Invitation to Comfort for Anyone

Combining sustainable design with a contemporary need for comfort, this outdoor armchair has a beautiful original design. Created by Patricia Urquiola for Italian company B&B ITALIA , “Husk Outdoor” is a great piece of furniture very cleverly designed that merges aesthetics with green features.

Being a declination of the previous indoor version, “Husk Outdoor” is the result of extensive work focused on perfecting the item and artfully preserving the original features that makes it unique. Realized from recycled and recyclable materials, the armchair is composed of a white body hard shell made of Hirek®, dressed in a set of soft and colored cushions and a fixed seat support available in painted shades of white, black, orange, acid green and sky blue. You can have these colors on cushions as well, besides the fact that you can choose from two versions of cushions: with larger sizes on the seat or on the backrest. It has water-passing padding that enables water to seep through the cushions without stagnation, feature that makes it perfect for outdoor rooms even on a rainy day. Its fantastic design is enhanced by Husk table, a small round table which has the same minimalist design and colors like the seat support, but is available in one size (Ø 45 CM, H 48 CM).




Photos: © B&B ITALIA.

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