Bright Contemporary Apartment Reflecting Eye-Catching Details

Bright spaces and eye-catching details are part of this amazing apartment in Amsterdam with contemporary appeal. Weteringschans apartment is a project designed in 2010 by versatile Amsterdam-based architecture firm I Love Architecture according to a few guidelines – a stylish, modern quality home, displaying  a clean and minimalist layout and strong functionality. Plain white interior which contrasts gently with the dark walnut wood kitchen unit and splashes of colors caught your attention at a first glance. The space is opened up into one continuous room giving the apartment spaciousness, everything from the dining table, kitchen and living room is laid out in the open. Large windows flood the interior spaces in natural light, increasing the feeling of space. The colors and materials match perfectly, creating an elegant and highly contemporary apartment, the furniture, lighting and accessories being highlighted by the white surroundings.

apartment-in amsterdam1

Ceiling columns are split into rows with lighting hidden behind them, a subtle detail which give the place an industrial touch, without interfering with its overall harmonious appearance. The lighting design is used as an artistic statement in being ensured by round-shaped lamps descending from the ceiling and creating  beautiful splashes of yellow against the white. The bedroom are in perfect chromatic scheme with the living room, slashes of  primary colors are seen in both of them. The kitchen island is also highly modern, featuring a monolithic block of marble and wood, that serves as both the cooking and serving area. Let yourself enjoy every detail and tell us what advantages or disadvantages has this type of design.











Photos: A.van der Hoek

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