Repairing Damaged Roofing and Gutters in Perth

Perth’s changing weather patterns can be particularly rough on roof shingles and gutters. Extreme heat, strong winds, and sudden downpours test the shingles, and severe thunderstorms occasionally rip through neighborhoods and tear up roofing, gutter troughs, and downspouts.slides

Roof Damage

A home’s roof protects everything underneath it by shielding it from the effects of adverse weather. Any failure in a roof structure or covering is an emergency situation, which calls for immediate repairs. Some of the most common roof problems that home and business owners face include the following:roof_installation

  • Shingles, shakes, or panels have been torn off of the roof by strong winds
  • Roofing material is loose and ready to fall
  • Shingles have cracked, been broken in half, or otherwise permanently damaged
  • Flashing is missing around vents and chimneys or in roof valleys
  • Roofing is deteriorating simply from age and needs to be replaced within short space of time
  • Water has gotten below the roofing and damaged the roof decking or even entered the building
  • Tree branches or other objects have damaged the very structure of the roofroof_installation2

There are many professional roofers in the Perth area who are fully equipped to correct all of these problems and more. They can also make a roof more energy efficient, lowering attic temperatures and lowering electric bills. Some of the most common roof repair and upgrade services include:

  • Replacing missing or damaged shingles
  • Using flashing and roof cement to prevent water intrusions
  • Repairing rotted plywood
  • Reconstructing damaged rafters
  • Installing new roofing, sometimes using more durable and energy-efficient materials like sheet metal or PVC
  • Putting new vents and insulation into the attic to lower temperatures both in the attic itself and throughout the whole house

Gutter Damage

Gutters funnel water away from a home’s foundation, extending the life of both the foundation and the house. When the gutters are properly flashed, water will not be able to back up under the roof edge and damage the fascia board and plywood. Use of seamless gutters is ideal for preventing leaks, but gutter caulk can prevent even seamed gutter systems from leaking. When gutters or downspouts become clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris, the whole system can back up. This will lead to a “swamp-like” gutter trough that sags and overflows.

Some of the most common gutter problems are:

  • Leaking seams, which may result from old, cracked gutter caulk
  • Clogged downspouts that no longer move water
  • Backed up troughs that threaten to spill over
  • Wind damage, which may mean a bent gutter or a missing gutter
  • Rust damage, though this is not possible with aluminum and other rust-proof gutter materials

Some of the most common repair jobs done on gutters include:

  • Caulking leaks, after thoroughly drying and cleaning the leak-point
  • Replacing damaged or missing pieces, particularly inside and outside corners
  • Replacing dented or bent downspouts and securely fastening them
  • Installing more brackets and screws to stop gutter troughs from sagging
  • Cleaning out the gutter system and installing gutter guards
  • Inserting missing flashing along roof lines
  • Replacing old or badly damaged gutters

Finding a Top Roof and Gutter Repair Contractor in Perth

Most companies that offer roof repair also are equipped to deal with gutters, so it makes sense to use a single contractor for both. It will not be difficult to locate a local repairman, but there are several factors that will distinguish top contractors from their competition. Look for someone who is fully licensed and insured and possesses all pertinent certifications. Also, watch for a contractor with many years of experience, such as Perth Roof and Gutter Solutions. Finally, compare prices and make sure you are being treated fairly.



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