Revolutionary eBike Drive System from Cannondale and Bosch

One of tomorrow’s key mobility solutions is the electrical bike (ebike) which have become in time to be a true mobility alternative for some of us and for many others (including cyclists) to be their primary vehicle. To meet the needs of those passionate for cycling and create the perfect riding experience, tech developer the Bosch Group and bicycle maker Cannondale developed a new electric drive system for bikes. Drawing on Cannondale’s three decades of high performance cycle crafting experience and Bosch’s best technical support, it was created a revolutionary Cannondale Tesaro electric bike drive system which is ready to give you the strength you need to tackle any challenge. Riding ebikes has never been so attractive. Intuitive, powerful and easy to use, the Bosch ebike system is based on an innovative concept that doesn’t relieve you of the job of pedaling, but it does give you a leg up by instantly adjusting the amount of support the motor has to deliever.

Top-quality and cleverly designed, the system comprises Drive Unit with motor, control unit, sensors, as well as the Battery Pack and the HMI features oustanding characteristics. Its high-performance drive adapts quietly and extremely quickly to the rider’s needs because after accelerating to 25 kph in just a few seconds, the motor shutss off. This means that bicycles with such techology can still qualifies under some country’s laws as bicycles. Rated at 250 watts with a peak of 350 watts, the motor is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery pack, which is good for 288 watt-hours, 500 charge cycles, and recharges in no more than 2.5 hours. The bar-mounted control unit, or HMI (Human-Machine Interface) displays the battery status and allows you to choose between up to four power settings, offering electrical pedaling assistance from levels of 0 to 150 percent. The power settings are: Eco (maximum range), Tour (standard setting), Sports (“dynamic riding”) and Speed (maximum setting). Individual bicycle manufacturers will be able to choose which of these levels are enabled, depending on the type of low step through electric bike into which they’re incorporating the system. Due to its three sensors with measure speed, pedaling frequency and torque, the Bosch drive unit has an extremely efficient technology which wasts no power.

Overall, the lithium-ion battery pack on the Cannondale e-bike delivers between 35 and 80 km of range, although this will depend on the level of pedal assistance you’re using. Meanwhile, the up to 85Nm of torque you provided by the Bosch system is enough to make light work of steep climbs and a persistent headwind.

The high-performance e-drive system is paired with one of the most practical bike designs to create a multipurpose e-bike that you can use for any kind of riding. For one, the Cannondale features a top tube that slants downwards towards the seat tube, resulting in a short stand over height. This makes it easy to get on and off the bike, even for heavy riders.

Its carbon frame also results in a very lightweight e-bike to make for easy handling and comfortable riding. The e-drive pack is integrated into the downtube, giving the Cannondale a seamless appearance. It looks like any other traditional bike on the road and people will have a hard time knowing that you’re enjoying some motor assistance.

This placement of the battery pack also results in optimal weight balance and the fact that the battery pack is removable allows for convenient charging off the bike. Ultimately, riding the Cannondale e-bike is not different from riding your traditional road or mountain bike, the only thing is that you get to ride farther and faster while enjoying a more effortless experience.

Photos source: Bosch eBike Systems

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