Room décor ideas inspired by cities from around the world

If you are moving houses soon or just bored with your current room décor situation –look no further than this article. Today we’re helping you find the perfect new updates for your room, with inspired room décor ideas from some of our favorite cities around the world.

Room décor ideas

Las Vegas

Taking inspiration from old school Las Vegas and the casino scene is a really fun way to update a drab room. For the color theme, think black, white and red –with a bit of silver and sparkle, tastefully added! Think about adding a pop of color to your room by painting one of the walls red as a fun accent. If this sound too daring for you; why not make some DIY printed stencils of the different suites of cards (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) and with either paint or spray paint in the color theme; create a border around the top of your wall. Find a duvet set that is white with black polka dots. Not only is it a super timeless and cute option –it will also be reminiscent of dice; thus fitting in with the Las Vegas casino theme perfectly! All of these things are bound to add a bold atmosphere of fun and class to your room. It may make you a little jealous that you actually do not live near all the glamorous casinos in Las Vegas, but you can always play instant casino games at Euro Palace, which has such a big variety of games –you will feel transported there in no time!


Paris –the city of romance! Paris is the perfect place to get room décor inspiration from. And of course in a Paris themed room, you have to have an Eiffel Tower! There are many great Eiffel Tower die cut stickers that you can easily purchase online. Alternatively, if you are very crafty, you can make your own stencil and spray paint it onto your wall yourself –although this will be a lot more permanent than vinyl stickers; so not a good plan if you are renting! For your color theme, keep to a traditional blue, white, and red French flag inspired color theme. Or if you want something a bit more muted, light pink with accents of black are very trendy for Paris themed rooms as it echoes the romance and airiness of Paris. Think about making these really cute, and very easy DIY macaron pillows to add some pizazz to your bed.


If you are looking for something that oozes class and sophistication, then Tuscany is the perfect place from which to draw some room décor inspiration. Start by giving your walls a lick of faux Tuscan paint; the technique can be easily learned. The muted color scheme found in most Tuscan houses relies on pale terracotta and shades of brown tinged cream. Go to your local vintage and antique shops and hunt for Tuscan inspired chandeliers and picture frames to complete your Tuscan villa room décor!


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