15 Kitchen Ideas Showcasing Inspiring Scandinavian Design

Swedish apartments are well known for their appealing features of the recognisable Scandinavian design. They all have a charming color palette which inspires calmness, comfort  and their design solutions are ingenious, combining function with style in a typical Swedish manner. As any other room in Swedish apartments, kitchens are well-planned and displays a cheerful set of inspiring details that create a bright and inviting overall look.

Spotted on Alvhem, these 15 kitchens are gorgeous, with a well definited personality. Fully equipped, with lovely wooden or tiles floors, generously-sized windows that give a feeling of openness and space, plenty of storage space, the kitchens have all the necessary things that ensure the inhabitants having a modern and comfortable urban life and enjoying perfect meals with friends and family. They are a truly statement of Scandinavian design. Enjoy the photos and tell us what do you think are the design highlights of these fine-looking Swedish kitchens.

Photos: © Alvhem.




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