Seating System Deluxe amaizing interior design relax furniture

Seating System Deluxe is a relaxing bed designed to come in the benefits of your family or friends, but fore shore your family will love it.

Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash

You can use it when you are watching TV, play games, read your favorite book or just for lie down fore relaxation. Its v permits you to put it anywhere in the room and also gives plenty space for a bet that can be used by singles, couples and families.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash


A seating system that reflects the ever changing emotional state of the body.
The number of positions the Feel seat has is as wide as the imagination.
You can sit on it, lay and relax or just lounge on it.
The Feel deserves a place in every livingroom, bedroom, office, playroom… and gives an extra cachet to any space.”

Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash


Dimensions       220 x180 cm (20 cm diameter balls)

Materials          •           Balls : 100% foam

•           Upholstery : special Stretch Fabric

•           Connectors : plastic

Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash


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