Seven Benefits Of Minimal Bedroom Décor

A minimalistic design is not just a trend but a way of life for many people. It is about appreciating things that matter and removing objects that distract you. You can still have things in your life, but it is a collection of belongings that add value to you. Many people believe living a minimalistic life is hard, improbable tasks in a world that is so materialistic but those who try it, often, find the freedom exhilarating.

“Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction. Minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus.”

One of the biggest misconceptions of minimalism is that it restricts you. Ironically, the purpose of a minimalistic life is freedom. The minute you stop giving importance to materialistic possessions, you reject the idea of happiness all the advertisements and the media has forced upon you. You are free from worry, guilt, captivity, burden and depression. In fact, most religious scriptures emphasize not placing material possessions over the actual important things in life.

The idea of minimalism can be put into various aspects of our lives. With a minimalistic approach in your home, you intentionally promote the space. With the approach on architecture, you intentionally make the best use of the space. In photography, fashion and art, minimalism focuses on the core rather than the superfluous.

The minimalistic approach towards your bedroom is a good place to start. But, before you do, let’s delve into the benefits of a minimalistic bedroom and what it can do for you.

  • Your fortress of solace– A minimalistic approach towards your bedroom can create a calm, peaceful environment. Away from the clutter and chaos of the world, your bedroom becomes a place of solace. Everything in your bedroom means something to you, adds value to the quality of your life and you feel safe, comfortable and sheltered. Imagine going to a serene place after a long, tiring day. That is what you achieve with a minimalistic approach.
  • You sleep better –One of the biggest causes of many health problems including cardiac issues, diabetes, depression, obesity and many other lifestyle-centric illnesses is the lack of sleep. A cluttered bedroom and the inability to let go of the stress and emotions of the day can hamper your sleep cycle. Your minimalistic bedroom can help you sleep better, de-stress your mind and reinvigorate you with energy to handle the next day. It not only declutters your room but also your mind.
  • Your health gets better –A lot of stuff means a lot of dust. Unless you spend every day obsessively cleaning all the dust particles from your things, you are going to accumulate dust in the room. That is a one-way street to allergies and respiratory illnesses. It is well known that the air inside of your room is more polluted than the outside. A minimal bedroom is easier to clean and is less likely to accumulate dust.

  • Free up space –The minute you take out the unnecessary things from your bedroom, you find yourself marveling at the space you have. If you often find yourself hopping over things, hitting your leg against furniture, piling up clothes on the chair and so on, a minimalistic bedroom is the right way to go. Once you free up enough space, you instinctively tend to keep your bedroom cleaner.
  • You set a good example for kids –Your children look up to you and learn from your actions. They form morals and lifelong principles based on their upbringing. Observing a clutter-free, clean bedroom is an easy way to set an example for your kids. They aspire to be like their parents and the best way to teach them something is to do it yourself. Many children are diagnosed with sleeping disorders in recent times. The amount of stress and pressure parents unintentionally put on their children is also high. Using a sleep calculator for kids, parents can determine the hours of sleep their child requires and set strict schedules for them. With a clean, clutter-free bedroom, you encourage them to sleep faster with fewer distractions.
  • You get happier –We are made to believe that happiness lies in material things. At least, that is what the media tells us. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Material things bog us down, cling to us and occupy a large space in our minds. We are often worried about losing our things, damaging them and spending money on repairs. With a minimalistic life, you are releasing yourself from the clutches of worldly possessions. That is not to say, you don’t have things. It is only keeping things that make your life better.

There is no right or wrong in minimalism. It isn’t a competition to see who owns less. It is owning the right things and being true to yourself while doing so. Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. You had a list in your hands and checked off the items one by one. But when you looked at each aisle, you saw things you might need that wasn’t on the list. At the checkout, you saw candy and gum that, again, wasn’t on the list. These distractions made you purchase over and above what you need. You not only had the right things but more than what you actually required.

Minimalism means better use of your resources. You have time, energy and money to focus on the core. It is a lifestyle that changes your perspective and the way you consume. You can start with your bedroom and work your way up from there.


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