Should I Install Underfloor Heating in My Home? 

We all deserve a taste of luxury in our lives and especially in our homes. When we think about upgrading our homes, there are certain features that people will always view as top-tier home improvements. Underfloor heating is undoubtedly one of these features. 

Particularly if you live in more northerly areas which require heating most of the year, the idea of stepping out of bed in the morning onto a warm floor holds a great appeal. While this technology may seem like an extravagant upgrade, you may be surprised to know that it actually can save you money on your energy bills, making it an economical investment. 

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What is Underfloor Heating? 

Derived from heating systems used in the Roman Empire (and didn’t those guys know how to live?!), underfloor heating is a radiant heating system that provides a more effective method of warming rooms. 

There are different types of underfloor heating, using either electricity or water. You may need to do some research into what type would be better for your home. Electric underfloor heating is significantly cheaper, however, and does not require such an invasive installation process. If you’re looking to simply update your floors and add some heating, electric may be the more suitable option for you. 

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Why Are People Ditching Radiators? 

Let’s face it, radiators have never been an aesthetic addition to any room. Those hot metal tanks that sit on the corners of our room and can only be painted with gloss paint leave a good portion of the wall unable to be decorated. 

Not only are they a bit of an eyesore, but they’re not even the most efficient way to heat a room! Radiators send heat upwards to the ceiling, leaving cool air at the bottom of the room. In fact, if you measure the temperature difference between floor and ceiling, it can vary by a number of degrees. This change in temperature makes it hard to feel comfortably warm in rooms with radiators, and heat is wasted from this inefficient method. 

What Kind of Flooring is Suitable for Underfloor Heating? 

You may not be sure what kind of flooring you can use with your underfloor heating. You’ll be pleased to know that it is compatible with most types of flooring. The one kind of flooring you may run into difficulties with is solid wood flooring, as this is affected by temperature changes. 

If you are after the solid wood look, you can use engineered wood which uses a real wood veneer to mimic the aesthetic of solid wood, but has been treated in ways which allow it to withstand the heat changes of underfloor heating – giving you the best of both worlds. 

Image by Michal Křenovský from Pixabay

Should I Install Underfloor Heating? 

If you are keen to get your toes toasty, then we highly recommend getting some underfloor heating added to your house. You may find you only want it in the kitchen or bathroom or all through the house. 

We spend a lot of time in our homes and it’s always worth investing a bit of time into making them as comfortable as we can. Express gratitude for your home and what you have by treating it and transforming it into the haven you want it to be. The cost of happiness doesn’t have a price tag. 


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