Should Invest In Solar Panels If You Are Considering Moving? We Discuss

Solar panels have become a popular feature on the homes of many.

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More homeowners want to implement energy-efficient strategies to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Of course, saving money on energy bills is the additional reward they are happy to reap.

Each passing year sees more houses adding solar panels to their roofs. Alongside this, there have been talks about creating solar panel farms in local areas. However, what does the public think about this? A recent study revealed that 80% of the British public would be happy to have solar panel farms built in their local areas. This is an indication that more people seem to be willing to switch to more renewable energy sources.

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Adding solar panels to homes is a costly investment. A question many consider is deciding whether or not to invest in solar panels if they are considering moving. Keep reading to find out more about why people want solar panels and what they should keep in mind if they are looking to move.

Reasons For Getting Solar Panels

As mentioned, there has been a growing number of homes across the UK that have solar panels on the roofs. What was once viewed as an eyesore are now considered worthwhile investments that many homeowners are interested in. Each homeowner will likely have reasons for the change of heart, but here are some of the most common reasons for installing solar panels on their roofs.

Creating Eco-Friendly Home

Sustainable homes are becoming a popular trend in the UK. With climate change dominating the news and conversations, many homeowners are looking at their current habits from a new perspective. It has led to homeowners finding ways to make their homes eco-friendlier. Some of the common changes made have been updating windows and insulation and switching to energy-saving lightbulbs and appliances. All of these can help a household to create a more sustainable home. Adding solar panels to a house is another way to help with making a home eco-friendlier and allow homeowners to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Saving On Bills

Along with saving energy, sustainable homes can help homeowners to save money on bills. With the cost of living continuing to rise, homeowners across the country are understandably worried about what their energy bills will look like. So finding ways to help reduce their monthly bills is a task many homeowners are trying to accomplish.

To help with keeping energy bills as low as possible, investing in energy-saving appliances can help. Most energy-saving appliances can help make a noticeable difference to a person’s energy bills a few months after they have been installed. Solar panels can take a little longer.

Solar Panels Grants Available

Of course, installing solar panels will be a costly investment. Those considering moving are debating if installing solar panels will be worth it. Fortunately, there are solar panel grants available. If you want to see if you can qualify, head over to the Federation of Master Builders website for more information. If you are eligible for solar panel grants, it could help you to decide whether or not to invest in solar panels for your home.

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What To Consider If Moving

Solar panels are an investment. The costs of purchasing them and having them installed are what cause many to sit on the fence about if they should invest or not. Should a person be eligible for a solar panel grant, they might be more open to investing in having them installed. Those on the fence about investing, mainly because they are debating moving, keep reading to see what they should consider if they are planning to move.

Timeline For Moving

The timeline for moving can massively influence whether or not adding solar panels to your home are a worthwhile investment. If the plan for your move is imminent, adding solar panels to your current home might not be a worthwhile investment. Instead, if the house you are moving to is what you believe to be your forever home, then you will likely save by adding solar panels to that house.

However, if you plan on staying in your current property for an extended period before moving, for instance, a minimum of 10 years, installing solar panels should be worth considering. It can take time before the cost savings in bills from solar panels are noticeable. For a homeowner to make their money back from solar panels can take a few years. If you choose to move out a year or more, you will likely not reap all of the benefits that solar panels can offer.

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Future Market Trends

Sustainability is a buzzword in today’s world. Today more than ever, the importance of global warming and sustainable lifestyles continues to intensify as more statistics and predictions for the future are revealed, such as more frequent heatwaves in the UK. The housing market will likely change alongside the growing demand for eco-friendlier homes. Homes with solar panels can be an appealing factor to potential buyers. It means that they do not invest in having solar panels installed themselves. Instead, they can purchase a home with renewable energy resources and reap the rewards of reduced monthly bills.

Cost Of House Prices 

The current trend in today’s market is that house prices are rising. In England in the last year, the average house cost has increased by a staggering 11.9%. As noted with the demand for eco-friendlier homes, places with recently updated windows, newly installed insulation, energy-efficient appliances and solar panels will likely be valued at a higher price point. If you want to add value to your home, solar panels can help achieve this. However, it is worth comparing how much value is added to your home after installing solar panels with how much it will cost to install them.

You might find that the rising cost of house prices has changed your mind about moving. The costs for houses with the amenities you desire in the location you want to live in might be out of your budget. If this is the case, you might choose to stay in your current property for longer. The question to ask is, how long? Keep in mind your timeline for moving. As discussed, if you decide you have no desire to move anytime soon and are happy with your home, installing solar panels should certainly be something you consider.

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The Final Verdict

So, should you invest in solar panels if you are considering moving? The short answer is that it depends. It depends on when you are considering moving. As highlighted, solar panels are a costly investment. Evaluating the cost of installing solar panels, when you will see a return on the investment, and the value it could add to your home are all factors that should be considered when deciding whether solar panels will be a worthy investment if you are planning to move.

If you are eligible for a solar panels grant, check the conditions of the grant. There might be conditions you might have to agree to before you are accepted. It is worth checking these and understanding them before making any concrete decisions.


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