Shower Kits – The Essentials

No modern bathroom would be complete without the effortless convenience of a shower. Baths are all well and good, and definitely have their place, but I would always trade extra time in bed in the morning against a warm bath!

The best – and most value for money – way to get yourself a quality shower is to invest in a full shower kit, which is provided by almost every bathroom retailer worth its salt. Below is a quick run over the important things you will have to consider when you opt for a shower kit for your bathroom.


You will not get too far without a shower valve. This is the essential central component, which works to provide your shower head (and other fittings) with the water from the system. The main decision to make here is whether you go with a thermostatic valve or not. A thermostatic valve will automatically keep your flow at a temperature of your choosing, precluding the need for that frustrating balancing act with the taps you might be familiar with from mixer shower taps or standard shower valves!Round-Bar-Mixer-with-Bath-Filler

Stylistically, you must also decide on whether you want a concealed or exposed set. This is really down to your personal taste, though do bear in mind that concealed valves will require certain access and clearance in your bathroom walls to be installed and operated properly.

Enclosure or Glass

This is perhaps a decision that might be taken out of your hands, depending on the size and layout of your bathroom. An enclosure is always a good way to go, as it sets aside a discrete part of your room for the shower; alcove, quadrant and corner models are available with a variety of doors, including sliding, bi-fold and standard hinged units.


Shower Heads

Another absolute essential are shower heads. What was once a fairly standard decision – shape and size – has been complicated here by a range of exciting shower head innovations. These range from rainfall effect head to the dazzling LED shower heads, which use the pressure of the water going through the head to activate an array of lights studded in to the head unit.



The last thing to consider is the additional, fairly non-essential things that you can use to accessorise your shower. These include luxury items, such as body jets, or more practical items such as a hand held shower head. Do be aware that if you want to attach extra fittings like this you will need at the very least two- or three-way shower mixer valve.


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