Signs that you need a bathroom renovation ASAP

A well-functioning bathroom not only enhances the aesthetics of your home, but it also makes your lives smoother and more convenient. Additionally, it saves a lot of recurring expenses, which you might have to incur on it.

You might be of the persons who believe in “a stitch in time saves nine.” But being aware of the signs that show when your bathroom needs a renovation is crucial.

Signs that you need a bathroom renovation ASAP

Layout Issues

Having a layout which makes things inconvenient for you can be very frustrating. If every morning you have to wonder why does the bathroom door hits the toilet seat or why can’t I see my face clearly in the mirror, it means it’s time you get your bathroom remodeling done on priority.

Though you cannot revise the amount of space, there must be workarounds to make the same space functional more smartly. Something as simple as changing the cabinet styles or the positions of the lights can help a lot. Speak to a bathroom renovations Newcastle specialists to get a wide range of options for your bathroom to be more functional

Outgrown the space

The bathroom that once was perfect for you might suddenly seem to run short of space with a partner and kid life. It’s undoubtedly the law of nature which says when your family grows, your home too needs to grow. But, more than often, while we plan a room for the kid and make extra space for her, we miss out on the bathroom.

With the family growing, your needs will also change. So, if you cannot move to a bigger place, you can surely try to think of options to arrange with the current space itself. For example, simple things such as installing a shower instead of a bathtub can make a whole lot difference. Or clearing the clutter and getting rid of things which you hardly use, can make your bathroom both more functional and spacious.

Old tile and plumbing

In spite of regular cleaning, if your bathroom tile always looks shabby and dull, it surely requires change. Old tiles no only give a dirty and gross feel, but a bathroom which is covered with molds can pose serious health issue too.

Plumbing work, which goes behind the bathroom impacts the entire health of the toilet. Leakage can cause dampness, effect the tiles, and be the cause of mold mites in your bathroom.

It’s a good practice to get an expert check the plumbing at least once a year; this way you will save money on massive and sudden expenses.


You might have moved into a home which has a bathroom from some different era, and every morning when you enter it makes you gloomy and demotivated. Or when you had designed it, you were in a different frame of mind or different phase of life. Whatever the reason might be, if you feel your bathroom to be outdated and sluggish, you must get it renovated at the earliest.

Our home not only reflects who we are, but it is also the place where we feel like coming back every night after a hard day’s work. If the crucial rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom do not make you feel comfortable and welcoming, it’s time you invest some thoughts and money on them!


The concept of smart homes was not so trendy and affordable a few years back, but things have changed. You can convert your old bathroom to an energy-efficient one with little planning and some expenses.

Do you know we use approximately 65% of the water in the bathroom, why not conserve it when there are options? Everything in your bathroom starting from the toilet seat to the towel racks have an energy-efficient option – it can help you not just to save money but the environment too.So, if you are still using a traditional bathroom, think of renovation for a better tomorrow. Moreover, these enhancements increase the value of the property too and make it more attractive to the prospects.


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