Simple DIY Tips on Keeping Your Home Organized

Cleaning and decluttering your home can be a nightmare, especially after all the mess has piled up. It can take hours, or even days, to remove all the dirt and stains, to get everything in order, and to make your home sparkle again. And in the midst of decluttering, you realize that you don’t know put back all the scattered things, which leaves you stumped. This is often the case when doing a major house cleaning.

There’s a way to avoid this problem. Create a DIY organization system that’s fit for your home. How do you do that? Here are some helpful tips.

Build Floating Shelves and Racks

Got too many things but too little space? Ditch the space-consuming cabinets and drawers, and embrace vertical storage. Make use of your empty wall spaces by building floating shelves and racks. You put them in the living room for your decorations, in the kitchen for your pots, and pans, or in the bedroom for your apparel.

Building you own floating shelves and racks is much cheaper than buying new furniture, but it can mean more work for your. On the bright side, you can customize your floating shelves and add hooks for a multipurpose organizer.

Install Hooks and Hangers

It’s a hassle to have to root through the kitchen drawer for one spatula when your pot is boiling over. It’s during moments like these when you wish you have all your kitchen essentials at arm’s reach.

You can’t lay down all your spatulas, knives, and pots on the counter for various reasons. One, you’ll run out of space to do your cooking. Two, it’s not very hygienic. And three, that’s just asking for an accident to happen.

Instead of putting everything on the counter, install hooks and hangers on the kitchen wall and on the side of cabinets. You can maximize your kitchen space, have easy access to utensils, and declutter your counter. Hooks and hangers are also useful for organizing your keys, clothes, and accessories. And they don’t take up as much space as other cabinets or racks do.

Use a Tiered Cake Stand

No, it’s not for storing cakes and desserts in your kitchen (although you can certainly do that). The tiered cake stand can be used to organize all your herbs and spices, so you don’t have to root through your pantry or cupboard everytime you cook.

That’s not all; you can also place a tiered cake stand on your dining table to arrange your centerpiece or to prepare some snacks. The kitchen is not the only place for one. Put it on your dresser to organize your skin-care products, makeup, and accessories, or use it to store declutter your desk.

Organize Receipts in Envelopes

Some people like to collect receipts to keep track of the expenses, while others write notes to be reminded of the errands they need to run. If you’re one of these people, then you probably have lots of paper scattered on your island counter, dining area, or coffee table.

You don’t have to throw all of them away, but you can store them in multiple A7 envelopes, which you can stick on the wall, on the fridge, or on cabinet doors. This way, it’s easier to find a receipt or note when you need and keep tables and surfaces clutter-free.

Add Dividers on Drawers

Drawers are nifty spaces to dump all your things in. By the time you need your stuff again, you’ve already lost it in the void you call drawers. You will have to remove everything and arrange your things all over just to find one item. It’s a huge waste of time.

Fortunately, you can avoid this hassle by putting dividers on your drawers. There’s no need to buy one; just use the cardboard boxes lying around in your house.

To create drawer dividers, measure first the height, length, and width inside the drawer, and divide the area into sections. You can reserve more space for certain sections to store bigger items. Create a layout to guide you.

Cut the cardboard into pieces according to the measurements of each section. You can paint or cover it to the cardboard to spice your dividers. Once all the pieces are ready, arrange them in the drawer. Now, you can organize all your stuff inside.

Add Tension Rods in Cabinets

Tension rods have a lot of potential as an organizer. They’re affordable and easy to install too. You can install a tension rod under the sink and hang the spray bottles in one neat row. This makes them more accessible, and it makes room for other things.

Use a tension rod to hang your plants. Add one by the window so you can let your plants soak in the sun. You can also create partitions on your shelves using tension rods to organize cookie sheets, cutting boards, pot lids, and trays.

Not everyone can afford a walk-in closet for the shoes and clothes they love. Fortunately, it’s possible to expand your closet space using tension rods. Hang several tension rods on your bedroom wall to create your own shoe rack. Or add another tension rod in your wardrobe to make room for more clothes and to and to protect them from the water damage.

Try Wicker Baskets

Use wicker baskets to store your toilet papers, towels, laundry, and bath essentials. They double as organizers and decorations to declutter and beauty your bathroom. To save space, you can attach the wall as shelves.

Wicker baskets are also great for organizing pantry space and storing toys, clothes, and books. You can place them under tables and chairs to create more room.

Save Bathroom Space

Keep your bathroom organized by maximizing the space you have. Use floating shelves instead of space-consuming cabinets and drawers. Install hooks or tension rods too. To create the illusion of space, paint your bathroom walls on soft colors, and use clear glass for your shower door. Good lighting is also essential.

Make sure that you choose bathroom fixtures that don’t take up too much space. For example, use a macerating upflush toilet so you don’t have to make room for a complicated drainage system on your bathroom or clean up after heavy clogging.

Final Word

Most of the time, a house becomes ultramessy because people don’t put things back where they should be. When the mess accumulates, it becomes difficult to find a place for everything.

Organizing is a huge part of housecleaning. You need to put things in order to truly see the beauty of your home, and you can’t do that unless you have a proper organization system.

Don’t wait until you an intervention to keep your home clean. Create your own system and organizers and maintain the order of your space. A clean environment is necessary to build a good home.


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