Sitting At Home: Designer Tips On How To Set Up A Workplace At A Remote Location

If the house does not have a separate room for an office, it will be difficult to organize a home office.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus is over 23 million. The World Health Organization recommended that citizens should be isolated and employers should transfer their employees to remote work.

The designers gave advice on how to set up a workplace in an apartment during the pandemic.

“The ideal temporary solution would be a folding shelf transformer on the wall”.

– With the latest news, the lifestyle of most office employees has changed dramatically. Many of them were caught by surprise: not everyone in the apartment has a separate place to work and all the needed office furniture. In this case, the ideal temporary solution would be a folding shelf-transformer on the wall. In the open it can be used as a desk or computer table, and in the folded – it is an excellent stand for plants and books.

If you know how to concentrate in any environment, you can set up a workplace right on the sofa. The main thing is to think about how to get rid of the wires that bring completely unnecessary chaos. You can hide the wires behind the cushions on the back of the sofa. Or you can go further and drill holes for wires in the base of the sofa – this advice I saw in the book Remodelista seems to be a great idea.

During involuntary quarantine, you can settle down with your work in the kitchen. For this purpose, it is better to organize a “mobile” office – to collect everything you need in a bag-organizer, which is easy to disassemble for the time of work and collect before lunch. This will also help you switch from working to home mode.

Use the bag with plenty of pockets for charging, notebooks and office supplies – available from IKEA. Interior designer Joanna Thornhill sees the bedroom as the ideal desktop space – there are fewer distractions and it’s much easier to concentrate on tasks.

The small bedroom can easily accommodate a trimmed desk – in the morning it can be used as a dressing table and in the afternoon it can be converted for work. Whichever option you choose, we recommend that you start your working day by putting things in order.

Here are a couple of tips on how best to do this: get rid of excess paper, in the digital age, even the organizer and notebook become an extra detail on your desktop; remove unnecessary equipment and wires; hide the extra office away. Involve children in the process. They can make a couple of photo frames with their hands so that you can take your eyes off the monitor at any time.

And don’t forget your motivation, any techniques will be helpful. For example, popular stylist, author and TV presenter Emily Henderson in her book “Home Office” writes that even stickers with the call “Go!” will be enough to spur your work discipline.


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