Six Factors to consider before choosing a roofing contractor   

Living in Miami, Florida, is an unquestionably desirable experience. The vibrant metro area attracts residents from all over the United States and the world to live, work, vacation, and retire there.

However, the weather conditions here are not always pleasant. Unlike other U.S. cities, Miami experiences thunderstorms for about 80 days per year. They can be extremely strong with lightning and heavy rainfall. This harsh weather primarily affects the roofs of houses, buildings, and other structures built in this beach city. Therefore, choosing a good roofing contractor Miami is essential if you need a roof replacement.

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Why do you need a roofing contractor?

Roofs protect everything that lies below them, including your family and investments. In addition to keeping water from entering your home, your roof ensures a comfortable lifestyle.

When people think about home maintenance, they rarely think about their roofs. This is because roofs are out of the line of sight of most people most of the time. However, without proper roof maintenance, you could end up spending a lot of money on roof repairs and replacement. 

Choosing your roof replacement contractor should be done with caution because it is one of the most costly parts of the house to replace. The right roofing contractor in Miami can help make your roof repair or replacement a success.

Six things to consider before choosing a roofing contractor

Contractor license

Choosing a roofer with a valid contractor’s license is crucial. It’s a testament to their legitimacy and a guarantee your roof replacement or repair project will comply with building codes. Roofing contractors should readily provide their license numbers, which you can verify independently.


Choosing a contractor for your roofing project can be difficult if they don’t live in your area. A local contractor already has a reputation in the area, so you know what to expect once the project is completed. Moreover, trust is an important factor. The contractor you hire should be the one you call if something goes wrong after the job is done.

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Work samples or references

Ask for samples and references from a roofing contractor to get an idea of how well the contractor has completed their job in the past. Make sure you ask to see examples of the contractor’s finished work. 

You can ask the contractor to provide references from past clients they have worked with. Speak to those clients and get their opinions. Ask them if they are satisfied with the roofer’s work.


Contractors who have worked for several years in the industry have certainly maintained the roofs they previously installed. They probably know the best tools and techniques to use. These contractors can also handle problems related to weather changes in your area.

In Florida’s highly humid, hurricane-prone climate, metal roofs are one of the longest-lasting types of roofs. While hiring a roofing contractor, you should make sure that he has experience installing metal roofing so that you get that peace of mind that he won’t make a blunder.

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Roofing warranty

You should pay attention to whether a prospective contractor offers a warranty or not. The roof installation should be supported by two separate warranties: the manufacturer warranty and the workmanship warranty.

Workmanship warranties cover installation mistakes, whereas the manufacturer’s warranty covers roofing materials. The contractor should guarantee the workmanship. You wouldn’t want to be penalized for an error you had no part in making.

Don’t fall for low prices

Roof replacement or new roofs cost an average of $7,211 in Miami, Florida. Prices typically range between $4700 and $10,000. However, the cheapest option may not always be the best option. Don’t fall for a roofing contractor replacing your roof for only $2000, as they may be using inferior materials. 

Using inferior materials would mean your roof is less durable than others, and you may even end up spending even more when you factor in repairs and the reduced lifespan. Besides, if anything goes wrong, you’ll end up spending more money than if you had hired a reputable contractor. 

A good contractor would have also offered you a warranty period if any problem had arisen in the future, which low-budget contractors typically don’t.


Regardless of which company you decide to hire, you should always check licensing and insurance, ask for references, reviews, and ratings, look at past work and make sure the contractor has enough experience.

Consider all of these factors since shoddy workmanship can cost you much more in repair costs. A reliable roofing contractor will ensure that your roof lasts at least 15 years. Consider the factors listed above to find the right roofing contractor who will also provide after-job services.


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