Sleek Mp3 Mirror for Bathroom by Stocco

” Live the future today” seems to think those designers that create such exciting gadgets for our bathrooms like this mp3 mirror. Not long ago we show you The World’s First Intelligent Mirror which amaze us by its stunning characteristics worth of SF movies, and we realize that we’ll see and have more things like that even sooner than we expected. The Maitre mirror is another great example of revolutionary bathroom mirror which is already produced by Italian luxury bathroom specialist Stocco and which will certainly complement any contemporary bathroom style and will bring an understated elegance to your private spa-inspired space.

At first sight this Maitre mirror seems like many others, a simple and stylish mirror, but looking carefully we’ll discover some functional and fun features that few mirror have. We call it mp3 mirror because it integrates a touchscreen console in the lower-right corner on the mirror surface through which we’re able to control a radio, MP3 player, barometer and also a clock.  It is polished and flush-mounted on an aluminum frame which makes it fashionable addition to the bathroom decor. We wonder how it would be to wake up and set our mood with  some great tunes!  We love this product!



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