Sleep Like a Baby in Your Master Bedroom

Sleep is one of the mandatory bodily functions. It recharges the body when you have a restful night’s sleep. It is just as important as a proper diet and ample exercise. As head of a household, you have a lot of responsibility. To be at your best, you’ll need to rest so your decision making is targeted and precise. That means your bedroom’s design should offer you quiet and peace so a good night’s sleep is easy to obtain.

The Best Master Bedroom Placement

Designing your bedroom space to reduce the disturbing sounds and distractions that could keep you from getting a good night’s rest depends on using sound absorbers, a good room layout, and creating a pleasant bedroom aura. The best bedroom design offers an entryway into your bedroom. This gives you a buffer from the sounds emanating from inside the house. The master bedroom should also be in the back of the house far away from street and driveway noises.

Create an Entryway to Your Bedroom

If your bedroom lacks an entryway, build a makeshift entryway if space allows. Try erecting a padded (using open cell foam) folding screen between your door and the bed. Using sound-absorbing materials such as thick carpeting at the entry and throughout the room, or hanging lined curtains between the door and your bed, can significantly protect you from sound emanating from the house.

A Good Mattress Makes a Difference

Next, you should accommodate your sleep patterns with accessories like a comfortable pillow. If you sleep best on your stomach, technically you are a stomach sleeper. You, like everyone else, need to make sure you get the right mattress that supports your body properly. This will ensure your rest doesn’t lead to backaches or other discomforts during the night or the next day.

Create Comfort in the Bedroom

Don’t forget the importance of giving yourself a comfortable space. Other than sleep, what relaxing activity do you enjoy? If you like to read, maybe you should buy a nice recliner and a good reading light that you could set up in just the right area of your bedroom. 

The color of your space can generate a soothing sensation. If you select a calming shade like one of these colors, it may help relax you.

  • Khaki Green
  • Taupe
  • Blue-Gray-Green
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Pale Blue
  • Burnt Red
  • Deep Teal
  • Silver-Green
  • Mint

Expand on The Color Theme

Expanding on that color theme, you can coordinate your bedding sheets, throw pillows, bedspread, comforter, bed skirt, rug, etc. This can make your bed that much more inviting. If it both looks good and feels good, you have a greater chance of getting a restful night’s sleep. Having a headboard could also contribute to a peaceful rest. This is especially true if you have a high padded headboard. Again, the padding will slow down or stop sound waves.

Stop Sound with Your Headboard

If your headboard faces the windows in your bedroom, cover them with a blackout curtain. Light won’t get in. If you use double lining for your drapes, the sound coming through the windows will be drowned out. You can take soundproofing your home even further if you add soundproofing inserts in your bedroom windows to reduce the sound that gets through by 50-70%.

Stop Sound at the Window

These acoustic grade inserts can eliminate your constant exposure to noise. Noise has been found to contribute to causing stress, poor cognitive performance, and heart disease. Whether you have single pane or double pane windows, you will notice a significant reduction in noise, at least 50% and possibly more.

Reduce Indoor Noises

Noise from outside the room can be distracting, but so can those constant mechanical noises emanating from electronics within the room like ceiling fans, clocks, TVs, etc. If your ceiling fan is creaking or squeaking, oil it or replace it with a new well-made upgrade. Set your timer for your TV so when you fall asleep while watching it, it will turn itself off. Upgrade to non-ticking clocks. Digital clocks lack the mechanism that causes the tick-tock noise.

When you have provided yourself adequate insulation from the noise coming from the rest of the house and the outdoor noises that creep in through windows and doors, you will be able to get a good night’s rest. Add to that a comfortable welcoming environment and you should sleep like a baby.


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