The Solar City Tower  Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro  Competition designed by Rafaa is one future project who combined the architecture, the online Amaya H games with the green energy resource in one perfect combination, in fact this project represents a message of a society facing the future.

The designer explained more details about this project in source for this article:


The aim of this project is to ask how the classic concept of a landmark can be reconsidered. It is less about an expressive, iconic architectural form; rather, it is a return to content and actual, real challenges for the imminent post-oil-era. This project represents a message of a society facing the future; thus, it is the representation of an inner attitude. Our project, standing in the tradition of “a building/city as a machine”, shall provide energy both to the city of Rio de Janeiro and its citizens while using natural resources. We hope to attain an international Olympic message with a political appeal. After hosting the United Nation’s Earth Summit in 1992, Rio de Janeiro will once again be the starting point for a global green movement and for a sustainable development of urban structures. It will perhaps even become a symbol for the first zero carbon footprint Olympic Games.

photos source: cumbu