Some fundamental materials for making labels and stickers

Labeling is significant for anything. Labeling helps things to get effortlessly recognized. You must have noticed that the material of different types of labeling also gets added to your everyday life.

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For example, some stickers or labels are Satin made, and some come out of polyester. Different materials of the labels get used according to the necessity. Some materials can withstand extreme weather conditions, while some get destroyed in a few days or a month. Some can also withstand moisture and oil. This article will introduce you to some of the valuable materials used for making labels or stickers.

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Mentioned below are some of the materials you can choose for labels or stickers according to your requirements.

Industrial Vinyl

You can use the labels made out of industrial vinyl for labeling things outdoors. Labels and stickers made from industrial vinyl material can withstand UV radiation for more than ten years. In addition to this, the labels made from industrial vinyl can also withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain and violent chemicals. The labels made from this material are incredibly flexible. Due to these characteristics, the labels made out of industrial vinyl can get applied to exteriors even. The labels that come out of industrial vinyl can also get utilized for pipeline labels and many more. This type of label material can get applied over rivets too.

Labels made of polyester

The labels made of polyester are available in many shapes. It is also available in various types. One of the popular types of polyester labels is those that offer an impression of metal. It also provides a mirror-like glaze and looks like stainless steel. The tags made of polyester are best for outdoor applications. This type of label is suitable for control tubes and panels. These polyester labels are tough and weather resistant. The applications of the tags made from polyesters are numerous.

Polypropylene labels

The labels made of polypropylene are one of the ideal substitutes for industrial vinyl labels. It also offers brilliant opposition for solvents. The labels made of polypropylene are comparatively cheaper than the labels made of polyester; therefore, it is cost-effective and is more in demand than the labels made of polyester. It also offers considerable transparency. The different types of polypropylene labels are distinguished depending on the covering, adhesive, and color. The different types of polypropylene labels are as follows:

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Silver or chrome BOPP Labels

The labels made of chrome BOPP are both lubricant and liquid resistant. The silver or chrome BOPP label material has a mirror-like texture.

Clear BOPP labels

This category of polypropylene label will provide you a clear vision. The characteristics of this material are the same as chrome BOPP label material that is water-resistant. Transparent labels are ideal for window stickers.

White BOPP labels

You must know that the white BOPP label has lasting adhesive. This material is also moisture and lubricant-resistant. It is a type of material that can remain best suited for body and bath merchandise. This material is also suitable for products related to food and drinks.

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Recycled materials

As the name suggests, these labels come out to recycled materials. The material is suitable for application on machines. It is not eligible for lamination. Therefore it is not water and oil-resistant. This label can get removed by heated liquid. Some of the outstanding recycled tags that you can use are as follows:

  • Vellum labels
  • Kraft labels

Labels made of Satin

As the name indicates, this type of satin acetate fabric label is best applicable for labeling wines. When you use a satin label for packaging gifts, you can add elegance to the products. It is also suitable for holiday gifting schemes.

Labels made of fluorescent paper

Fluorescent paper labels are flood coated on artificial fabric. These labels are available in bright colors such as orange, red, green, and pink. One of the main tasks of these types of labels is to make people aware of the danger. Therefore these types of labels can be used as protection labels.

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Foil paper labels

Foil paper labels are available in both dull and brilliant colors like silver and gold. It offers a permanent adhesive. The labels made of foil paper are suitable for making stickers for food or holidays.

Mentioned above are some of the famous label materials used in your everyday lives. Going through them will help you to get an idea about some characteristics of popular label materials. You can choose labels or stickers made of any materials depending on your requirements. If you want to buy suitable quality labels, you can buy them from a reputable wholesale labels shop. If you choose as per your needs and budget, you will not make the wrong choice. Constantly evaluate your requirement and the quality of the label before making bulk purchases. 


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