Soothing Bedroom Paint Ideas

Nowadays everything seems to be changing rather quickly, but it is quite reassuring that house interior décor trends move perhaps slightly more leisurely. Choosing the most appropriate paint colours for your home interior isn’t an easy task and certainly something that after all it’s a matter of personal taste. A new colour scheme with some accessories can really transform your bedroom into a personal heaven, giving it a totally different look.

Colour has the power to evoke mood – the secret to making a gorgeous room is to make reliable colour choices with the latest bedroom paint ideas that complement perfectly each other. Luckily, these days when it comes to painting ideas for bedrooms, pretty much anything goes in case you don’t want to go for a certain scheme.

If you want to achieve a specific style, then you need to think carefully about your colour selection and indeed the brand of paint. Here, we share with you two awesome colour schemes to get inspired from and make ordinary bedrooms more exciting. Be confident and pick the following modern bedroom colours to create an inviting retreat. Find big brands of paint from Homebase such as Farrow and Ball and Laura Ashley. Please let us know what you think about these collections and share your opinion with us using our comment area.

Coastal Style Paint Ideas

You don’t have to live by the sea to obtain a coastal look for your bedroom that whispers “summer” all year round. If you want a bedroom that is colourful, but in the same time remaining calm and soothing, than a coastal scheme would be a perfect choice to achieve such a relaxing retreat. Fresh, contemporary and ground with natural materials a coastal look has something that appeals to all of us. The right combinations of tranquil seashore-inspired colours, organic textures, mix of furniture styles and playful accents will add interest as well as a casual feel to the room.

Marine blue-green tones, cheerful sunny yellow, sandy tones, coral, crisp white and warm greys compose the colour scheme for this light and breezy style.  Pure white is the hallmark colour of coastal interiors because it spreads and amplifies light, which is another notable style secret, but most overlooked. Abundant light is necessary to get that airy space. For instance, this refreshing soft colour palette of sand and the sea is perfect for small bedrooms because they visually enlarge them. Moreover, the feeling of a larger space if you have a low ceiling can be created by painting it with a soft blue.

Tropical Style Paint Ideas

To achieve a tropical look for your bedroom interior means going back to nature – such as the jungle or islands. If you love the inviting feel of escaping reality for a warm and restful visit to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, a tropical-style bedroom is for you. It feels like a permanent vacation, and it’s all about ease and comfort, and just like the coastal style, it creates a relaxing and serene ambiance, similar to what you might find at your favourite island resort.

The emphasis on natural textures, dark and exotic woods, basket-inspired accessories, gauzy fabrics, tropical plants, bold patterns with lots of contrast, punchy florals and lots of fresh green hues exude warm and graciousness. For walls, the colour palette can start from shades of cream, beige, warm neutrals to bright soothing blue and amazon green tones, flamingo, pineapple yellow that pay tribute to the home’s stunning surroundings. Paint three walls with just one of the colours and make the fourth wall an accent wall with a bright hue. This is sure to make a statement and your room will rival any luxury tropical retreat.

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