Philematology, Special Design Inspiration by Fabio Novembre

One new project come from FABIO NOVEMBRE who propose us a special design inspiration which was presented during Milan Design Week exhibition “Autoproduzione of Milan 2012” authors and autopresentano “self-produced first census in city design. The exhibition was edited by Alessandro Mendini joining the Fabbri della Cattedrale del Vapor with the Department of Culture of the City of Milan and Misiad (Milanosiautoproducedesign), which is an association founded by Alessandro Mendini, Camillo Agnoletto, which aims to promote excellence and upper limits of inspiration in the automotive design and products of small scale.

Philematology, is the science of kissing biological axis in humans.
You can see more benefits of Kiss: The most important is the exchange of germs and development of antibodies, providing descendants of the human species, and strengthening self.
Men have a tendency to perceive the kissing as  initial part of sexual prelude , and prefer the exchange of saliva, in the order to change testosterone with the partner.





project name > FILEMATOLOGIA (Philematology)

client > MISIAD (milano si autoproduce design)

architect > Fabio Novembre

design team > Alessio Scalabrini

producer > Almax (mannequins) & Casamania (chairs)

tecnology > unique piece, mannequins and chairs assembled together

material > polyethylene

use > sculpture

Colors > Lacquered White, Red Mouths

dimension > L.140 P.55 H. 125


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