Special Edition Table with Multifaceted Sophisticated Base

Maybe it’s not a museum piece, but certainly this special edition table is a work of art, at least in these photos. Its gorgeous design created on its base, because the base is what stands out the most, is showcasing a great way to form and structure glass. Every time we look at it, we see a different pattern and we love how its multi-dimensional structure beautifully reflects light.

British-born and Hong Kong based designer Michael Young and Czech Republic-based glass manufacturer Lasvit teamed up to create this outstanding piece, named ” Homune Table”, which not only is good looking, but is also functional. Made entirely of hand-blown glass, the beauty of design lies in the combination of smooth, clear crystal glass for the top of the table with the amber colored glass for the base, which seems as an endless geometric construction appearing like a DNA spiral.

To achieve this multifaceted leg, Lasvit captured Michael Young´s design into a specific blowing technology based on 3D visuals, blowing glass into only one metal tool and cutting it at different lengths. The resulting structure consists of 36 hand-blown glass fractals, which feature six different designs repeating six times. It evolves in a continuum of reflective and shiny surfaces, giving a sophisticated spirit to space.


 Photos ©  Kristina Hrabetova

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