Spectacular Console Table Revealing a Sparkling Identity

Not at all a typically table, Stellar Console Table will definitely remain in our memory as a unique piece of furniture.  With an extravagant and sparkling appearance, this spectacular console table envisioned by Jake Phipps combines geometric, balanced design with illusory details re-creating the beauty and luminosity of precious gemstones. The inspiration behind Stellar Table comes from the natural attributes of amethyst geodes and it seems like almost 900 individually sized and angled mirror pieces run through it from the curved top-right to the botttom-left corners, creating a strong contrast with the expansive, smooth surfaces.

This change in table’s design forms an optical dispersion that capture a different shade of light and color from the surrounding environment delivering it to the eye as one sparkling entity as designer said. Phipps’ commitment to this aesthetic of imitating a gemstone is evident in table’s conceptual shape: oblique with two corners perfectly convex, crystalline mirrors looking like cut diamonds. Stellar Console Table is priced at € 11,500 and is available in a limited edition of 25 pieces. Where do you think such a table’s design could be placed?

Photos: © Jake Phipps.


STELLAR Console Table by Jake Phipps



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