Spectacular tips to design a safer home

You’ve crafted a sumptuous home worthy of a sultan, the kind of rooms that scream opulence and majesty. Your bedroom is a mass of arabesque patterns and sultry sheets that are smooth to the touch. Your bathroom is an aquatic paradise, while your kitchen could make Gordon Ramsay swoon. And your living room is a wondrous design in and of itself, with a smorgasbord of comfy cushions, luxurious seating areas and amazing wall patterns.


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It’s all lovely, and it’s all been designed by you. But while there’s a lot to admire in this expensive luxury home, it’s lacking one vital component – security.

A property without security is essentially a sitting duck, especially when it’s lined wall-to-wall with pricey items.

Not shelling out for security leaves you open to burglary, arson and graffiti from any miscreant who decides they’re going to inflict damage on your wondrous creation. In fact, let’s be harsh – if you don’t make your home as secure as possible, your design is poor and lacking basic functionality.

So, let’s not allow your beautiful home to go up in smoke. Take a look at these tips and your house will be, well, safe as houses.

Get fire-safe

Unless you’ve got a lot of enemies, it’s unlikely someone will try to burn down your property.

You’re far more likely to burn it down yourself, and all because of human error. “Don’t smoke in bed,” sang Nina Simone. She could’ve added “don’t leave your frying pan unattended” and “don’t leave your electrics running unnecessarily” to her list, although they admittedly lack a certain poetic grace.

To stop fire ravaging your home, the basics are necessary – fire extinguisher and a blanket. But to really ensure your safety, invest in blast-proof walls with a product like Durasteel or its variants. You’ll never worry about flames again.

Get burglar-safe

Every year, thousands of homes are burgled in the UK. And without some serious anti-burglary equipment in your home, you’ve done very little to prevent the crime.

The most obvious preventative measure is a burglar alarm, which you can get for a reasonable price. But for extra security, we’d recommend a full CCTV system. These don’t have to be imposing and ruin the design of your home. Cameras have stopped being bulky affairs and, instead, are incredibly compact.

These cameras can even be viewed from your phone, thanks to the internet, so you can always keep an eagle-eye on your property.

Ultimately, these options are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making your home more secure. Can you think of any more? If so, let us know in the comments below!


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