Spicing Up Your Home with Specialty Windows

Sometimes, what usually works just doesn’t cut it. This is especially true when it comes to improving your home. Because not every house is the same, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. In the case of windows, there are a number of options available to you but if you’re looking for something more in-line with your personal preferences, specialty windows will be the best way to go.


What are specialty windows?

Specialty windows are windows that follow non-conventional styles. For example, you can have a fixed window shaped like a half-circle or another type of window with larger -than-average dimensions. Other than that, specialty windows offer the same glass options as other window types, as well as other features usually available in more traditional styles.Specialty-Windows-1

Where do they work best?

Specialty windows may be installed anywhere standard windows can be placed but they work best in areas where the usual window styles won’t cut it, like spots around the house too small or narrow such as beside or above doors, or large areas that can take advantage of bigger windows as focal points.

Mixing and Matching

Of course, that doesn’t mean that using specialty windows should stop you froSpecialty-Windows-2m using conventional windows. In fact, specialty windows may be used to accentuate other windows. Want to make your double-hung window look taller? Add a small specialty window at the top! Interested in a bay window with a bigger view? Flanking the window with specialty windows and extending it to a bow configuration should do the trick. If you’re looking to give your interiors a boost, specialty windows should also help. The possibilities are endless when you combine specialty windows with more traditional window styles.

Form and Function

Specialty windows are best known for their unique appearance but they can be just as functional as any other window style. Just because you want something unique doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of excellent ventilation, high levels of natural light, and superb insulation. You can even cut back on your energy bill by opting for low-E window glass. Given the way specialty windows can combine these benefits, they’re truly the perfect example of form and function working together.Specialty-Windows-4

Getting Specialty Windows

When looking for specialty windows, you have to remember that they are not all made the same so it’s important to take note of all your options. Even when you need to work with a budget, going for the cheapest option available isn’t always the best idea either. Instead, consider investing in specialty windows from top manufacturers. The premium cost will be well worth it considering the build quality and long-term savings you’ll be enjoying. Don’t forget to work only with reputable contractors! Even the best windows from the best brands won’t be able to perform their best if they are not properly installed, after all.

Author Bio

John Esler is the president of Renewal by Andersen of Connecticut. A student mentor, guest lecturer and project sponsor at Babson College, he owns four Renewal by Andersen dealerships across the country. In his spare time, John shares his experiences regarding home improvement through online articles and blog posts.


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