Spray Paint Tips for Flawless Furniture Updates 

We often have outdated furniture around the house.

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Nonetheless, the best way to apply paint is based on the type of furniture and what finish you want to achieve. Spray paints have become popular in recent years. They come in various professional finishes to get any job done. Spray paint allows you to improve your pieces of furniture without spending too much money. Moreover, the paint is easier to apply on types of furniture, including small pieces, spindles, or crannies. Let’s discuss using spray paint on furniture and the best paint manufacturer. 

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What makes your furniture fade?

There is no doubt that an extended period of furniture to sun exposure is the main element behind discoloration. However, it doesn’t mean that you should limit sunlight by covering windows. Several solar spectrums can cause damage. Here are things that cause furniture to fade: 

  • Solar heat: this is a common element responsible for fading. It takes about 25% of furniture fade. 
  • Visible light: this is another contributing factor. Visible light can cause approximately 25% of the discoloration of furniture. 
  • Ultraviolet light: this is the most destructive element; it contributes to 40% of fading. Ultraviolet light cannot be felt and seen with the naked eye; this makes it a silent killer for your furniture, flooring, and furnishing. 

Choose the right spray paint according to furniture materials

  • The material of the furniture: furniture can be wood, metal, or plastic. For instance, the enamel is a hard-drying paint formulated for wood furniture. It is beautiful and long-lasting compared to satin finish latex wall paint. For metal furniture, choose spray paint made for metal. Plastic furniture also needs a paint formulated for the material. 
  • Pick a finish: if you want a shiny finish, choose a high or reflective gloss finish. On the other hand, choose a low-gloss or low-sheen paint for a flat finish. 
  • Choose paint color: choose the color of paint for your furniture. You can get paint test strips and try different paints to see how they look. 
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SANVO supplies top-ranked spray paint

Sanvo is a leading spray paint manufacturer with years of experience. The company makes quality paints, including acrylic spray paint, alkyd enamel spray paint, and nitrocellulose spray paint. These paints are easy to apply and cover most surfaces. In addition to that, Sanvo prides quality spray paints that quickly dries and are more resistant to harsh weather. The automated production line helps us to produce fine chemical products. Furthermore, we have met certifications like CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SGS, and other local certifications. Lastly, our experienced quality control teams inspect products and ensure quality. 

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Spraying specifics 

  • Work in an open and ventilated area when spray painting. Also, have enough lighting and don’t work on a windy day. 
  • Wear a reusable or disposable mask and gloves while you work.
  • Cover all items around that you will not paint. 
  • Before painting, ensure the surface is clean, smooth, and dry. 


Whether you have purchased new furniture or want to change the one you already have, there is an easy way to do the job. Updating pieces of furniture with spray paint is an affordable and satisfying process. In addition to that, they come with advanced and comfortable grips. These grips prevent pain in the fingertips, unlike traditional aerosol cans. Are you looking for spray paint for your furniture? SANVO is a professional spray paint manufacturer. 

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