Stay Connected with Your Friends and Family with The Good Night Lamp™

Turning on a lamp takes a whole new meaning with the Good Night Lamp™ envisioned by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino and her London-based team. Born out of the desire of staying connected with her family and friends who are spread around the world, to share a little bit of her daily routine with them, the Good Night Lamp™ is daring and attention-grabbing project that impress not only through the beautiful simplicity of the design, but also through the creative concept behind it.


Describing a family of connected lamps via Internet, the eye-catching, minimalist house-shaped lamps aims to bring people together wherever they are in the world, while offering a modern and awesome alternative to traditional table lamps we all know. How do they work? Well, it consists of an expandable set of WiFi-enabled lamps, a Big Lamp and Little Lamps that are paired with it, that allows you to communicate the act of coming back home to your loved ones. By pressing down on the Big Lamp’s chimney, the light turns on and off for one or more Little Lamps in the same time.

It’s a simple way to see whenever your daughter goes to sleep at night, to know when your partner leave work to start preparing the dinner or to let your business partners around the world know you’re ready for your conference’s call by turning on your Big Lamp. So,  the Good Night Lamp™ acts as a reminder of the other’s presence, as a sort of personal signal or code between people -letting them stay connected like they do via social networks, but in a smaller way. Cool design project, what do you say?





Photos © Good Night Lamp


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