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Finding the right house is seldom a simple process, especially with all the different options in the market. House and land packages provide buyers with good choice of location and house design which lead to their popularity among home buyers and investors alike.

In fact, almost half of Australian buyers opt for it when building their home. If you’re considering a house and land package North Perth, you must’ve heard of the advantages that this type of home package provides. That being said, there are still various options available for house and land packages.

For more insight on choosing the right package, here are some key considerations.

Types Of House And Land Packages

There are two different types of house and land packages to choose from. The first option is to select your land and choose from a list of home designs. You would often need two contracts for this option; one for the land purchase from the government or developer, and another for the construction.  

The second is to select a package that consists of the land and a house already built on it, often fully kitted with the required fixtures and ready for you to move in. 

This option, often referred to as “turnkey” packages only require you to have one contract since the developer or builder buys the land, builds the house on it, and then sells it to you in a complete package.

Turnkey packages are popular among house buyers, especially first-timers as it provides an upfront, fixed cost. However, you can better customise your house when you select a lot and then build.

Location, Location, Location

With the increased development around the country and in North Perth, selecting a house and land package in the right location is important. After all, your location influences the length of your daily commute and your access to local facilities.

The location of your house also influences its future value, which is especially important if you’re an investor or plan to sell the property in the near future. Make sure to research about current and future surrounding developments if you’re concerned about the property value. 

Go Homes have houses in all of Perth’s popular suburbs both north and south of the river, so be sure to check them out.

Look At Different Price Options

Once you have decided where you want to live, it’s time to look at the prices offered by developers in the area. There are always numerous packages to choose from, so go through what’s on offer.

Compare the options from multiple builders and check what they offer for the advertised prices. Some packages may come with a very low price but they only include basic fixtures and finishing, whereas some pricier properties may include a lot of extra features that make them a better value for money. 

If you have any questions or are having a hard time finding the right house and land package for your budget, it’s best to contact the builder. Builders, including Go Homes, can often fully customise your house – sometimes all you need to do is ask. 

Discuss Available Customisation And Designs

Builders usually have a whole catalogue of house and land packages with different configurations and designs to choose from. Discuss with your builder about the design you like and find out the customisation options they offer. 

Most builders can build you a ready-to-move-in house so make sure to take a look at the kitchen packages, bathroom fittings, flooring, lighting and appliances that you can get with the house. Just remember to get a detailed breakdown of the cost with all the customisation as the final cost might be higher than the initial advertised price.

Consider Future Proof Features

With the needs of the modern family every evolving, it’s wise to consider smart features for your home. Some design features you can consider include a walk-in pantry, a multipurpose room or garage and his-and-hers wardrobes. An alfresco area is another feature that can increase the appeal of your house.

Getting a house and land package in North Perth is a budget-friendly way of obtaining the right house with the layout and features that you want. With various packages available from builders including Go Homes, it’s even possible to secure your dream home in your favourite suburb. Just get in touch with us to find out more.


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