Steuart Padwick’s 6 Creative Desk Designs

Interested in wooden desks with creative contemporary designs? Here we come with fresh ideas made in Britain that may raise your eyebrows and complement any modern home office.  Steuart Padwick‘s range of beautifully crafted desks designs are understated stylish, unique and enlivened with a dash o color. They are bursting with British designer’s wit  showcasing a very popular look right now: an seductive combination between natural wood and a colored paint or laquered finish.

Each one of them offers a new, different design approach, some of them even challenging the conventional structure of desks we already know by showing an unusual leg arrangement  (see “Legs Crossed Desk” and “Pointe Desk”) or one single leg with a solid turned beech base (see “Laptilt Desk”). Smartly designed, these wooden desks reveal inspiring silhouettes with hidden drawers,  lifting lids or geometry that doubles as side table for example, creating a great focal point for modern offices.  Check out the following pieces of furniture, each with a well designed personality and find out from us how to design a good home office.


1. Belly Desk

An elegant, perfect combination of solid oak legs in a clear lacquer with Lichen Grey painted top. Belli Desk features a charming, rich contrast that animates any entryway or contemporary office. The lower part of the tabletop has a deep drawer, a storage space to maintain its large surface free from clutter.  The smooth tapered legs and delicately oblique lines give to this desk an interesting, eye-catching appearance.




2. Pitch Bullet Desk

It’s made of solid oak with painted oak top, finished in a clear satin lacquer. Pitch Bullet Desk has a simple and clean design, with a nice black and wood contrast suitable for a range of interior designs from transitional to modern. Its angled oak legs support a painted black top and a centered, spacious drawer under it for concealing anything you want from the desk (documents, tools, gadgets, etc.). Very original looking sharply angled design softened by the  tabletop’s beveled edges. This desk is part of the Pitch Bullet edged range, which is comprised of  a printer/side table and a set of shelves.




3. Laptilt Desk

To Tilt or not to Tilt… Here is a fun yet sculptural piece of furniture with a clever geometry, which allows the user to convert it from an occasional table into a small laptop desk with a simple tilt of the base. A unique hidden taper on the base makes your experience easier when using a laptop while lounging on a sofa. Laptilt Desk tilts back and forward each time when light pressure is applied to use the keyboard of the laptop. It’s very practical in many occasions.




4. Walk Desk

Shortlisted for the Blueprint Best New Product 2009, the Walk Desk a trendy item for the home office, distinguising through its innovative design remainding of school times and lovely chilhood. Its playful look with sophisticated finish would embellish your modern office or your teenager room as well. Walk Desk is characterized by a  two deep drawers, a central section with lifting lid and interesting twisted legs that play with our visual perception, making the furniture piece to appear as it’s wandering. This design allows for any color combination and wood choice.




5. Legs Crossed Desk

The desk design continues the joyful rearrangement of the legs, a theme started with the Walk desk. Its minimalist wood construction with veneered oak drawer fronts and veneered American black walnut top is accentuated in a clear satin lacquer or a wonderful satin oil. The crossed legs give it a stylish balance and transforming it into a  fresh indoor furniture piece. There is also a second version of the Legs Crossed Desk which serves as a chic dressing table because it features an adjustable round mirror on the top.

Legs-Crossed- Desk



6. Pointe Desk

Available in natural or mocha stained oak (mocha version shown), Pointe Desk is a feminine and fashionable desk which doubles as well as dressing table. Its name comes from the position in ballet and evidence of that are its tapering legs placed in a particular position allowing your legs to stay comfortable while working. We find here that soft curved edge detail similar to the Pitch Bullet Desk’s one.


Photos © Steuart Padwick

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