Strategies to Step Up Your Marketing Game

Business owners should always be on the prowl for marketing strategies that will make their business to stand out from the competition and get your brand recognized. While there may be some shortcuts to maximizing your marketing campaign, there are some strategies that should remain steady across time. Regardless of your industry, your target demographic, or the geographic area in which you exist, your goal should always be to establish a product and a brand that people know and trust. Marketing only helps if you are generating consumer loyalty long term, and many of these strategies cost you next to nothing.

Use content first marketing strategies.

Whether you are branching out to target a new audience or simply redesigning your company website, plan to use a content-first strategy. A content first approach recognizes that content, which includes messaging, copy, images, video, and all range of downloadables are central components to building your brand. Content is, after all, the real reason users visit websites, so providing interesting and visually-pleasing aesthetics will go a long way.  Introduce your customers to your brand before attempting to sell them the product or service.

Encourage your consumers to buy into your brand and your business by providing a compelling backstory. Give yourself and your team a “face” by including bios. Post meaningful and relevant stories, links, and even a blog that give your potential consumers a reason to want to engage with you long term. Your social media and your business website should both include curated content. Your story and your integrity as a trustworthy business owner are among your company’s most important business assets, so post regularly, interact with your followers, and know that this will translate into sales over time.

Offer the best in customer service.

Nothing will improve and expand your market like providing the best in customer service. While your competitor is taking weeks to deliver a product, plan to have yours shipped in a few days. Where the competition is ignoring consumer feedback online, resolve to increase responsiveness to comments left by your followers. Tailor your business website to your target demographic, offering a myriad of payment options.  Provide user-friendly movement from cart to cash, and offer incentivized programs that encourage repeat sales. For most online shoppers, the purchase experience is more important than the price point, so find ways to make a connection with your consumers that will inspire loyalty over time.

Run a contest or offer sale items.

There are many marketing sales promotion examples that require very little effort or cost to you and your company. From “Daily Steals” to “Weekly Deals,” most online stores are finding that a sale section where customers can score the best deals can improve their conversion rates. There is a great deal of psychology involved in how you choose to discount your products and market that sale, but don’t be one of few business owners who fail to recognize the value inherent in putting their product on sale as a marketing strategy.

You may also find that contest marketing ideas will work for your industry. They generate a great deal of interest in your business and are of very little cost to you. Think about running a photo contest or a caption contest, where anyone with an Instagram or Facebook account can submit their photo or idea. IT will drive a great deal of enthusiasm and interest, and result in user-generated content that will encourage traffic to your site. Even a voting contest will trigger entries because they offer ease of participation and users may direct family and friends to your site in order to vote.

Consider developing a referral program.

While business should always be looking to increase the number of followers, it’s important to maintain a relationship with your existing customers. Consumers want to know that their loyalty is appreciated, so offer them a free product or a month of service for referring new customers. It’s important to understand the value of personal recommendations. Loyal customers convert and spend with brands they like more often, and usually spend more.

Word-of-mouth promotes positivity and can build your sense of community. It is more capable of driving new traffic than branded content and advertising. In turn, referred consumers become loyal customers that are likely to spend more than the average. Help your faithful following spread the good word about your business by offering a referral or a loyalty reward program.  

What are some strategies that you have found that worked for your brand? Feel free to share here.


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