Studio Apartment in Kiev Displaying Contemporary Scandinavian Style

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, this stylish 56 square meters studio apartment is perfect for one person, but can very well accommodate a couple also. Its redevelopment bear the signature of designers from Lugerin Architects, who’s aim was to create a single multifunctional space that would accommodate all living areas: a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom and a relaxation area with a sofa, while the bathroom and toilet are designed as private areas.


Complex balance of composition, textures, color, light, the small apartment displays a cozy interior, characterised by simplicity and functionality. The renovation implied combining Scandinavian style with elements of loft and minimalism. Natural material finishes such as brick, ceramic tiling and wood ensure a genuine feel. A beautiful contrast is created by mixing white color and wood texture in furniture and the rooms’ decoration.

The exposed brick walls in combination with freshly painted white ones add character and originality to this studio apartment. Right next to the entrance door, there is a generously-sized walk-in closet, a great storage space for this type of home. The modern kitchen with lovely dining area are designed as open spaces, being practically in the same area with the living room, which accommodate also the bedroom.

The latter has an isolated character. A freestanding floor-to-ceiling furniture with bookcase from one side and glass sliding partition from other side separate the bedroom from the kitchen zone. In this way, the bedroom is more intimate and tranquil. Large windows ensures plenty of natural light, which make the place feel bigger than usual. We love the comfortable and relaxing feel the Scandinavian ambience give us through an inspiring use of neutral colors and decorating elements.










Photos © Lugerin Architects


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