Surfin Bird, a Lovely Birdhouse by dreikant

Here’s something cute for our bird friends. German designers from dreikant called it Surfin Bird and we find the product very interesting both from functional and aesthetic perspective. This birdhouse design is special just by the simplicity it displays, and the combination of wood and metal. Available in five different RAL colors or plain steel, the Surfin Bird easily draw attention because of the small nest box supported by that very tall legs which make it very funny too.

The wooden housing offers shelter and provides safety for the breed during the spring and summer season, while during winter time the nest box turns into an open feeding ground by simply removing the wooden part. This possibility of separating the two parts makes the cleaning of the inner housing no big deal as it can also be taken out the metal frame easily. A bird fat ball or similar food can be hung up easily just by attaching a strong magnet hook. All pieces of the birdhouse are being treated with wood oil in order to retain the beautiful natural wooden look. Below are some pictures with Surfin Bird. How do you find them?





Photos © dreikant

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