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Choosing the right table lamps for living room is just one little part of the battle when remodeling, but one extremely important which you should pay greater attention. Why? Because you’ll see that even if you’ve picked the perfect upholstered furniture pieces, the appropiate tables and the gorgeous decorative elements but you’ve missed to select the suitable lighting fixtures that really bring to life the living room and highlight its unique design concept, your efforts may be in vain.


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Most of us tend to spend lot of money on the other design elements, only to find that our living room still doesn’t look warm and cozy and the problem may have been the lighting all the time.You’ll be amazed to see how your living room go from dull and dark to dynamic and dramatic, creating beautiful contrasts just by thinking twice before purchasing the lighting fixtures. Whatever your living room style is (modern, minimalist, traditional, eclectic, etc), lighting is very important adding personality and creating the right ambience and mood for social interactions. It can be dramatic, inviting or even fanciful, making a small larger or on the contrary, or bringing focus to a certain part of the living room.

While there are various lighting strategies to opt for (recessed lighting, pin lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, etc.), few can match the beauty and versatility of table lamps when it comes to lighting specific areas. Table lamps are both functional and decorative elements that we find in almost any bedroom, but they are very used in living rooms too, being the perfect way to add them taste and style. Table lamps act like accent lights, lighting up only their surrounding area. Thus, placed strategically, they create visual interest and lit selectively different zones in the room, which doesn’t happen when you have only a ceiling light. You’ll see that suddenly the armchair, for example, where you like to sit and read becomes a special design element well worth looking at, or your nice plant casts interesting shadows on the walls.


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Maybe they aren’t the first, the second or even the third thing that comes to mind when decorating your living room as long as you’ve already thought to a chandelier or a ceiling light, but remember that they’re more than simply a way to keep your end tables from looking empty. Their original shapes and patterns elevate them to a powerful aesthetic statement. Table lamps cast soft and diffused light creating added intimacy or on the contrary, drama, if you choose a bulb with higher light intensity. It may be a challenging task to find the suitable ones for your living room through the huge selection in all sizes, styles and shapes but also the competitive prices on the market these days, but worth the search. They offer a glimpse into your personality, add aesthetic appeal to the space, create a relaxed atmosphere and respond in the same time to your different daily needs.


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