Tasty 3D Conceptual Design: Facebook Ice Cream

Remember the unusual, yet very creative Facebook bed concept we told you about at the begining of this year? Well, this time we’re sure you’ll be surprised by the Facebook ice cream. Although it doesn’t exist as a real product, “Facecream” as it was called is a tasty and fun 3D design concept imagined by Croatian designer Tomislav Zvonarić especially for the hot summer days, as he himself says.

If you meet friends on Facebook, chat with them on Facebook and even sleep on a Facebook bed, why not also enjoy a Facebook ice cream with your friends? Sounds quite interesting. The “Facecream” is shaped of course like the worldmark of the renowned social network -Facebook- and it could have several flavors options as you can see in the pictures below. How do you find this idea?




Photos: © Tomislav Zvonarić; Deviantom.


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