Technology Investment: Where Should You Invest Your Money?

Technology has grown more than we could have imagined over the past few years. We can now track everything from how much we are exercising and sleeping, to controlling our heating at home through our mobile phones. Add to that the development of drones and autonomous cars – not to mention the technology revolution of social media and there’s no surprise where the big money is these days.


MoneyIt’s the technology that has made smartwatches and smartphones possible that recently saw the global phenomenon that is Pokémon Go. In just a few days, Nintendo’s share price surged close to 40 per cent due to the massive response to the game. Since launching this summer its stock is up by 51 per cent. So where should you be investing your money today in technology? With your trading glossary in hand let’s take a look at some of the current trends:

Robotics – By 2025 the robotics industry is expected to grow to be worth the equivalent of around $59bn AUD. Robots are now being used for everything from picking stock to packaging and delivering. Around 1.5million operations worldwide are being aided by robotics, overseen by a surgeon using a computer or joystick – and are said to be more accurate and steadier than a surgeon’s hand. There are also big developments ongoing involving the use of robotics in the military and defence and agriculture.

3D printing – Small 3D printing companies are recording record profits, and these are likely to continue climbing towards 2019. 3D printers for medical applications is one of the fastest growing industries with medical implants like knee and joint replacements becoming more common. The dentistry industry is also starting to introduce 3D scanning technology and there are companies that are producing 3D invisible braces. Other big advancements are in 3D software and metal 3D printing with major companies like Airbus and Boeing investing in the latter.

The Internet of Things – The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) covers everything from home appliances to vehicles that connect up to the internet and each other, using wireless networks and our smartphones. By 2024 it’s estimated that the number of devices we use in this way will triple from 10 million to 34 million. Tips are to look at investing in the ‘chipmakers’ or manufacturers of the hardware that make new developments possible rather than just looking at the current giants on the market.

Autonomous services – from cars to construction to banking, this could be ‘the biggest investment trend of the century’ according to the experts. Some of the top stocks in this industry have climbed above 55 per cent.

Invest in a fund rather than individual stock – that’s the advice of some investors. While a certain technology is popular one day – can it last the test of time? Other say that by investing in a fund your money is spread between different companies that could go on to be huge.

So could you be putting your money on the next big thing? Only time will tell. Trends in technology can rise and fall quickly but, at this time, at the rate technology is evolving, there’s plenty of opportunity to invest in a vast market.


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