The 5 Best Industrial Cleaning Machines

Scrubbers for floors:

In factories, hallways, warehouses, malls, hospitals, schools, universities, and more, floor scrubbers are used to clean hard exteriors like concrete floors.

Suomi: Vaadittu attribuutio: Samuli Lintula Turun Tekstiilihuolto Oy:n avustuksellaEnglish: Required attribution: Samuli Lintula with Turun Tekstiilihuolto Oy, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The appropriate machine for your requirements depends on the size of the floor, the facility setup, and the type of dirt, soil, or grease it will be cleaning.There are two types of floor scrubbers: walk-behind scrubbers and ride-on scrubbers. 

Suomi: Vaadittu attribuutio: Samuli Lintula Turun Tekstiilihuolto Oy:n avustuksellaEnglish: Required attribution: Samuli Lintula with Turun Tekstiilihuolto Oy, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Scrubbers that ride on wheels:

This type of floor scrubber looks like a mini car and is used for more difficult and time consuming cleaning jobs. The cleaning process is controlled by an operator sitting on the machine. A ride-on scrubber can clean large areas quickly and efficiently.

Powered by batteries or fuel, these scrubbers come with brushes, soap and water tanks, and a vacuum system to capture dust. To clean the floor, the operator rides the machine and manoeuvres it through compact spaces.

  • Scrubbers that go behind a truck:

It is operated by pushing the machine around the area the driver wants to clean. In terms of size, it’s more like the big brother of the vacuum cleaner you use at home. Different types and sizes of walk-behind floor scrubbers are available for cleaning smaller areas.

Electric or fuel-powered industrial cleaning equipment of this type is comparatively smaller than ride-on scrubbers. The tool is primarily used to clean small nooks and corners in office spaces and can be easily stored in the cleaning closet when it is not in use.

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A sweeper is:

Regardless of how many times you clean the floors, industrial and commercial spaces are always covered in debris and dust. You may need to frequently clean the area every couple of hours, so using a dust mop is fruitless and a waste of energy.

The floor sweeper comes in handy here. Effortlessly cleans soft and hard surfaces of dirt, dust, and debris with this machine. A sweeper can also be either a walk-behind or a ride-on model, as floor scrubbers do.Sweepers can clean many surfaces, including carpeted office floors and parking lots.

The vacuum cleaner:

A vacuum is something we are all familiar with. We most commonly use it to clean our homes’ floors and carpets. The same results are achieved with commercial vacuum cleaners, but on a much larger scale. Compared to home vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners are more durable and perform a more thorough job.

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Electric cords and batteries can be used to power commercial vacuum cleaners. The convenience of being able to carry around battery-operated vacuums for cleaning increases productivity. Trips and falls can also be significantly reduced. 

Large hallways, aisles, and lobbies can be cleaned with an upright vacuum, while small spills, oily residues, and debris can be sucked up with a wet dry vacuum. Finally, canister vacuums can easily manoeuvre around tight spaces and small corners on both soft and hard floors.

A burnisher is:

Scrubbers and sweepers cannot be used to clean high-shine floors because they can leave scratches behind. In order to get a lustrous finish on hard surfaces, burnishers are specially designed. There are various configurations, power options, and sizes available for this machine, which is mainly used indoors.

Extractors for carpets:

Photo by kelsey roenau on Unsplash

Only soft carpeted surfaces can be cleaned with this industrial cleaning equipment. It is possible to clean and dry carpeted floors efficiently with the help of carpet extractors. Spots, stains, moisture, and spills can also be removed using these machines. They clean and quickly dry high-traffic areas.

You can maintain optimum hygiene standards in your facility by investing in an industrial floor cleaning machine.


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